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Hand Crocodiles


Video: Hand Crocodiles

Video: Hand Crocodiles
Video: Man Caught In Crocodile Death Roll | Untamed & Uncut 2023, December
Hand Crocodiles
Hand Crocodiles

In addition, “we are all in danger” - I forgot to turn off the “dimensions”, heated glass or some other consumer, and after a few hours of parking in the cold, the car will not be able to “beep”. Starting the engine from the tug is also not always possible, therefore, the experienced owner usually keeps in the trunk “crocodiles” - wires for “lighting” - light weight, but it can help out.

Ahead is winter, it's time to take care of their purchase, and at the same time remember how to use them correctly and safely if necessary. And if you do not know - it does not matter, the basic rules are in the captions to the photo.

Now let's see what kind of wires for "lighting" are sold in stores. Alas, no matter how much we searched, they didn’t find anything suitable. In the best case, they offer working models, which, if they succeed in “lighting up,” then only once by force.

It is understandable - they are for sale. Tin “crocodiles” with weak springs burn out at the first start-up, plastic ones melt from heated contacts. Cable termination rests on parole, and the cable itself, sometimes, is a finger thick on the outside, and inside a couple of thin veins. Well, if you want to have good starting wires, you have to do them yourself, since individually all the components are in the construction markets.

You will need two pieces of cable with a length of 2.5 m and a diameter of a conductive core of at least 8 mm. The cable must be flexible and rubber-insulated - it does not tan in the cold.

Four durable steel or plastic crocodile clips with powerful springs.

Four pieces of copper or brass tubes with an inner diameter equal to the conductive core and a length equal to the length of the "crocodiles".



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