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We Set The Alarm. Hunting Season


Video: We Set The Alarm. Hunting Season

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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We Set The Alarm. Hunting Season
We Set The Alarm. Hunting Season


Alas, absolutely reliable protection does not exist yet. And the alarm is not a panacea, but an obstacle course. It can be built in different ways - the more sophisticated, the more expensive. First of all, you need to determine the required level of complexity. The costs of equipping a car with an electronic watchman range in a wide range - from $ 100 to $ 1, 000. Typically, the owner is willing to spend about 2% of the cost of the car. But the “issue price” is determined not only by the value of the car itself, but also by its demand from car thieves. Judging by the reports of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in Moscow the products of AvtoVAZ and the Volkswagen concern are especially good at leaving. Their owners should take care of a multi-level system. But the owners of the Citroens have nothing to worry about: they are rarely stolen, so a regular immobilizer is enough for the eyes.


The next step is to select the type of alarm. Most foreign cars already have or can easily install the so-called standard system. It would seem that more to wish! But the factory versions have a serious minus - the scarcity of service functions. Most often, there are two of them - put on guard, removed. The rest is at an additional cost. But the main problem is universal unification. The thief does not have to solve the installer puzzles every time - everything is done with a carbon copy.

But both sides can sparkle with skill, working with products of independent manufacturers. As a rule, the products of famous companies are made at a similar technical level. Used flat mounting, multilayer boards and package components. Current terminal protection is provided. Their purpose, by the way, is easy to change using a computer. Suppose a wire going to a siren can be entrusted with controlling the hood lock.


That is, without increasing the number of conductors, save the necessary functions, abandoning the secondary. However, especially critical units are equipped with a multiplex system: different commands, perceived only by specific performers, can be sent along one wire. Even the standard car wiring section is suitable as a tire!

The trouble is that any, even super-reliable system does not guarantee a good night's rest. After all, there’s not much use from the siren: it is more likely to drive neighbors crazy than to scare away the attacker. Another thing is the auto pager: a compact device with light and sound indications will allow you to detect an intruder without getting out of bed. Trinkets with liquid crystal displays are less preferable - the conditions of detention (trouser pocket) do not stimulate uptime. The minus of the system is the lack of feedback and a small radius of action.


If these shortcomings are unacceptable for you, use the service of a network operator. It is only necessary to install the necessary security complex and purchase a SIM card. The communication range corresponds to the coverage area, and communication (voice or via SMS) becomes two-way. Now you can not only get information about theft, but, say, block the steering wheel or automatic transmission on an already stolen car. As an option, GPS is added to this system - the coordinate determinant. The device is always aware of where your vehicle is currently. The main thing is to reliably mask the antenna. Having discovered it, an attacker can easily drown out the signal with a usual foil from a candy or a pack of cigarettes.


If there are no skills, you should not take up the job yourself. The ideal option is a specialized center where they work with machines of your brand. After all, there are a lot of cars in the world and thoroughly knowing the features of each, not even an intelligent master can do. But a single lineup can be studied up and down.


Adapted for a particular car version allows less interference with standard electrical equipment, and the consumer can do with a single key fob that has absorbed all the control functions.

Personal contact with the master will tell a lot about erudition, qualifications and … bad habits. Bad, since the installer aggressively offers a single model. It’s easier for him, of course. But not the fact that it is optimal for your car. What, say, is the use of the automatic window closing function if the windows are manual windows? Or remote engine start - a thing, especially in winter, convenient. The only problem is that it does not fit in with the standard immobilizer. The latter can be turned off, but why surrender to the enemy such a powerful line of defense? It is better to discuss with the specialist different options to find the most suitable.


Pay attention to the tool - and on it you can evaluate the wizard’s approach to work. No samplers! Due to the low input impedance, a non-sophisticated device works like a conductor, closing the circuit under test to ground. In modern multiplex wiring, this search usually ends with the burnout of the central control unit at a cost of a thousand y. e.! A safe alternative is a high resistance tester.

Take an interest in technology. Many people think that soldering is the highest class. But the car lives in an aggressive environment. And a galvanic cell made of dissimilar metals is the best treat for corrosion. Tinned contact - maximum for a year.


All kinds of crimps have their own shortcomings. The main ones are different metals and a small contact surface. And for work, bulky tongs are needed - you will not deploy with them everywhere.

The best thing is a well-made twist. And the metal is homogeneous, and the contact is good, and the connection is strong.

All newly made holes must be galvanized (household sets are sold in any market). As a last resort, treat with anticorrosive.


Believe me, the average motorist cannot understand the features of various “mongooses”, “alligators” and “dragons”. We decided to surrender to the professionals, writing a fitting legend. The plot is simple - having lost the “shell”, the car was on the street and needs additional protection. Reasonable, in our opinion, the price of security is $ 300-350.

Having traveled around a dozen workshops, we found out that in this area there is a fairly clear division into castes. The lowest include services where there is an electrician "in general" - a jack of all trades. They have a traditional approach to business. First - an external examination to determine … the solvency of the client! In this case, the technical nuances are of little interest, as is the type of signaling. They put everything according to a single scheme: the central unit - under the "dash", wires to the siren, door limit switch or ceiling lights. The laziness of thought sometimes turns poorly. In front of our eyes, one craftsman carefully peeled with a penknife … a fiber optic cable in order to attach to it a twist of the siren's power wire. Science cost him 300 dollars in net loss.

The next level is workshops with specialized “electric” boxing. Here they prefer to install “music” - simply, expensively and without any responsibility (it’s not about the quality of work, but about the reliability of protection). Security complexes come in second grade - at the same time. A fairly high professional level does not allow you to do the work of tyap-blunder, but it sometimes makes communication difficult.

- Do you need digital or analog?

- ???

- The first is more expensive!

Here, only conscientiously completed installation is taken into account. The end result - the degree of protection - does not bother anyone: ordered - get it! It is worth contacting only those who firmly know what they want and need a qualified performer.

The elite are specialized installation centers. Working with a client for them is part of the process. They will tell, show and convince. It was here that we were not allowed into the repair room - professionally! Perhaps the main drawback is that people with burning eyes cannot stand simplicity. Their hobby is modern multifunctional systems that do not fit the limit we set.

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