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You Are My Little

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You Are My Little
You Are My Little

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| Engine

| Dry weight

| Top speed

| Estimated Price $ 28, 000



Testing a “master” motorcycle is often more interesting than a new one: the owner knows all his habits, you can compare his impressions with your own … Maybe because of this opportunity (interesting!) I allowed myself to persuade.

When I saw the “experimental rabbit” alive, I remembered the telecast “Wrestling Titans” (for those who did not see it: wrestling is a show in which huge uncle fights like it is very fierce, but really fun). Not too long, not very tall, but very very fat! When you look from above, it seems that this is a muscled man with hypertrophically developed muscles … The design is somewhat lurid. No, rather, it seems so, since we are all spoiled by the appearance of the designs developed by the Japanese - for the last couple of decades they have been the trendsetter of the fashion industry. And what I’m looking at right now is the “retaliation” of the British. I consider it more than a success: a lean silhouette, in the center of which the apotheosis of the collapse of stereotypes is an in-line “three” with a volume of 2.3 liters. To get it, now in words: two and three tenths!

Around the giant engine, the whole motorcycle is built: a large gas tank, a wide seat, a 240 mm rear “skating rink”. The chubby front wheel rests on a “fork-shifter” of a very impressive diameter … At first I thought that I would keep this carcass - the navel would loose. But a closer look - I worry in vain: the center of gravity is low.

He sat in the saddle, tried on, took aim. He started the engine … And at that very moment a psychophysiological phenomenon of my body came, called a mixture of shock and pig ecstasy! The sound of the exhaust struck so that the hair stood on end … Have you seen the movie "Judge Dredd" with Sylvester Stallone? Remember what megapelace he rode and with what roar? So, in comparison with the sound of Rocket, the cinema-fantasy bike made a miserable rattle. Uterine gurgling of incredible tone of depth with a light whistling resembles a mixture of the rumble of a diesel diesel “horses” that way under 2000 and the commands of the Subaru Impreza WRX rally car … I turned the gas knob while standing still and under the juicy heavy machine-gun bursts from the silencers the tachometer needle jumped. I jumped with her when the motorcycle jerked to the right. This seems unusual, but from the point of view of physics, everything is correct: when a heavy crankshaft spins up, he wants to drag a motorcycle around him. And it turns out a kind of "recoil" from the gun when fired, only to the side.

The shock subsided, and I returned to trying to soberly assess reality. And here’s what I’ll say: do not be afraid of “heavy” indicators of the weight of the motorcycle on paper, for the degree of ease of control to a greater extent depends not on the mass, but on where its center is located. So, thanks to the very low engine components (crankshaft, balancer shafts, transmission), the motorcycle is obedient at low speed, meek and predictable. (Maybe it’s out of place, but I can’t help but speak out about the strange thing about the power unit: the crankcase and the cylinder block are aluminum, and the block head is “cast iron”.)


At first I could not get used to the wide horned steering wheel. Actually, and then I did not give up the idea: for myself I would personally change the steering wheel to a narrower and lower one. There are a lot of advantages from such a replacement: when driving in a stream of cars, the number of “nicks” from car mirrors crashed in traffic jams would sharply decrease, the landing would become not so “crab-shaped”, hands would be less spread out. Is the style broken? This is still worth discussing: the “native” steering wheel, in my opinion, looks disproportionately large. Dan, the owner of the motorcycle, agreed with me.

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