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Winter Pranks
Winter Pranks


For a month now, sellers of domestic cars have been in a good mood - there is a demand for “frets” (first of all), and what a lot! And if sales grow, so do retail prices.

The first outbreak of consumer demand occurred in July-August, and prices immediately pulled up.


The next price wave covered the market in October, on the eve of the onset of cold weather. During the fall, the plant itself has repeatedly changed the recommended prices - of course, upward. So, in mid-October, on average, all VAZ cars went up by about 1.5–3 thousand (before that, a similar “adjustment” was carried out on September 1). Now the recommended price of VAZ 2105 is from 118.6 thousand rubles, VAZ 2107 - from 131.8 thousand, models of the Samara-2 family - from 186.1 thousand (here the cheapest front-wheel drive model is a three-door hatchback VAZ 2113), VAZ 2110 sedan - from 230, 3 thousand and Kalina - from 224.2 thousand rubles.

The recommendations regarding prices for Samara-2 family sedans have not changed - from 196.8 thousand rubles, as well as for station wagons and hatchbacks of the "tenth" family. But they are already the most expensive among serial domestic cars - the Lada-111 station wagon in a decent configuration with air conditioning costs up to 262.9 thousand rubles. But these are the recommended prices. Dealers, as a rule, do not always follow them and, depending on demand, either lower or increase. As AvtoVAZ executives admit, control over pricing at dealers is “extremely difficult so far”.

In general, since the beginning of the year, the growth in the average retail price for cars of the Volga plant has already reached 7%. At the same time, the “classic” got the most: VAZ 2105 since the beginning of the year went up by 7.5%, VAZ 2107 - by 9.2%, and VAZ 2106 - by 9%. Cars of the Samara-2 family now cost 6.5–7.7% more than at the beginning of the year. A pleasant exception is the "tens": they have "gained weight" from the beginning of the year about 3%.


An unpleasant surprise awaited those wishing to purchase Daewoo Nexia and Matiz cars in the fall. According to the instructions of the general importer, they went up by $ 300. This did not affect only the Matiz with a liter engine or with an automatic (apparently, the demand for them is not too great). The remaining configurations literally go “off the wheels”. In accordance with demand, the price is also adjusted.


The most expensive Nexia equipment with a 16-valve engine costs $ 11, 300. A different picture with the products of GM-AvtoVAZ JV. His cars are not being bought up very actively. In order to somehow invigorate consumer interest, from October 24 to November 30, dealers held a promotion called “Snowfall of Gifts”. Each buyer of a Chevrolet Niva all-terrain vehicle received either a discount of 14, 000 rubles or some kind of expensive gift: a set of winter tires, a car alarm, an audio system, a tuning kit or 1000 liters of gasoline. According to the results of 9 months of 2005, the joint venture sold 13% less cars than in the same period last year. The factory and dealers have many unsold cars. It is possible that the named share will slightly increase sales, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to reach the last year's level of planned indicators (55 thousand units).

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