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Examination Of Scratch Removers. Scars Don't Decorate A Car


Video: Examination Of Scratch Removers. Scars Don't Decorate A Car

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Video: Best Car Paint Scratch Remover? Let's find out! Turtle Wax, Meguiar's, 3M, Nu Finish, Carfidant 2023, January
Examination Of Scratch Removers. Scars Don't Decorate A Car
Examination Of Scratch Removers. Scars Don't Decorate A Car

Night. Near the house, cars are standing in a row and dreaming … The sharp, though not quite sober, eye of the envious pretty quickly focuses on the varnish surface of the most expensive car. The executioner, clutching the “hundredth” nail in his hand, creeps up and displays his answer “Pininfarine” or “Italdesign” on the wing, his favorite three letters are the Cyrillic alphabet.


What is written with a nail - you can’t get it out with an anti-scratch either! Yes, indeed, it will not work to fight auto chemistry with manifestations of interclass intolerance, but it is quite possible to remove minor scratches and irregularities. At least that's what they write on the packaging. Check it out!

Having bought 12 items of the most common anti-scratch preparations in large Moscow stores, we sent them to the NITSBYTHIM for testing. Experts mercilessly painted the painted metal plates with a rough sponge - they became cloudy, taking on a sad look. Before the heap, one scratch of medium depth was applied to each plate, simulating contact with a prickly branch. Now for the job!

The surface was treated with chemistry until the maximum effect was achieved, periodically making measurements with a gloss meter. After this, the plates were rubbed with a solvent to remove the wax layer contained in the preparation and determine the true state of the treated surface, and not the visual effect of the polish, which will still be washed off.

In terms of effectiveness, all preparations can be roughly divided into two types: some brought out a large scratch, but the general abrasion did not change much, while others smoothed out the clouding and small scratches, but large ones remained.

Experts explained it this way: the composition of the anti-scratch includes abrasive and wax. The size of the abrasive particles and the amount of wax in various preparations varies. Hence, a different effect: those with large particles smooth out deeper scratches, but almost do not give a shine: after use, it does not hurt to walk with a polish. Others, with smaller particles, do well with scuffs and the so-called spider webs on the paint, but medium-depth scratches are too tough for them.

Expert judgments are given under the photos in alphabetical order. The numbers are in the table. And the winners were identified in three categories.

Nomination: By the sum of two indicators: removal of scratches and gloss 1 - Meguiar's, Liqui Moly 2 - Turtle wax (polishing milk), Blue Coral, Turtle wax (anti-scratch) 3 - DoctorWax (polish to remove scratches)
Nomination: To remove large scratches 1 - GS27, Turtle wax (rubbing compound), SCT 2 - Meguiar's, Liqui Moly, Turtle wax (anti-scratch) 3 - Blue Coral, Turtle wax (polishing milk), DoctorWax (polish to remove scratches)
Nomination: Glossy 1 - Meguiar's 2 - Blue Coral, Turtle wax (polishing milk) 3 - DoctorWax (polish to remove scratches), Liqui Moly, GS27, Turtle wax (anti-scratch restorer), Turtle wax (anti-scratch)

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