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By Finger

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By Finger
By Finger

But the company "Hella" intends to introduce in 2006 another way that will turn your finger into a magic wand. It is necessary, for example, to light the backlight for reading - swipe your hand near the desired flashlight. As it approaches, it will begin to glow, showing that your finger is on the right track. Something like a cold-hot game begins. In the end, even a child will understand where the treasured point is with the sensor responsible for turning on the right lamp.


The new "finger sensors" - let's call them like this - work either on the optical or on the capacitive principle. In the first case, the infrared LED beam, which is scattered around the cabin under normal conditions, is reflected from the approaching hand and gets on the photodetector. Further is a matter of technology. Since the radiation of each LED is modulated by its frequency, the photodetector will not respond to extraneous light or to the reflected beam from another sensor.

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