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Video: LANA DEL REY - HONEYMOON 2023, February

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It all started with the fact that in early June we played a wedding


Like all normal newlyweds, the money donated at the wedding was decided to spend on buying a convenient two-wheeled vehicle - to ride it on a honeymoon.

After a week of marketing research on the Internet, they chose the Suzuki Skywave 400 maxi scooter. Why it? Because the wife needs a big cosmetic bag!

… He shone and shimmered in the rays of light (although born in 1999). While one was choosing the route, the other took up the inevitable MOT. Oil, brake, and antifreeze were replaced. I checked the operability of all mechanisms and screwed the case - so that, except for cosmetics, they could take non-basic baggage with them: reinforced adhesive tape, cold welding, a set for repairing a wheel, basic hexagons and, of course, keys. Well, a swimsuit with swimming trunks.

Out of nowhere, our mutual friend and my wife Masyanya informs: just during the trip, a motor-gathering in the warm city of Odessa “Goblin-show-2005” should take place and that he, a faithful companion, at Drozda is ready to join the company in our road adventure.

The place has been chosen, the "cosmetic bag" is ready, the route has been calculated, the start day has been appointed. And there is no reason not to go. On the road!


They sailed from Moscow - rain fell. And rain at the wedding is good luck. She accompanied us. After a hundred kilometers, the raincoat surrendered and began to let water through. Another 1, 500 km ahead, and the abyss of heaven was not going to fold. But he will wash away all sins … The rain did not have time to wash away everything and - stopped. The sun broke through the gray clouds.

The first refueling. It became clear that at an average speed of 120 km / h the tank (12 liters) is enough for 200 km. Only worries that watch for the fuel gauge.

I especially want to note that riding a scooter is convenient and pleasant - you don’t have any clicks of the gears, no wind in your face, sitting on a spacious “couch” is convenient, except for music. Ergonomics on a five-point scale - on the "four": everything is fine, but the back of the driver's seat is not very well located - it was not possible to lean on it. Nevertheless, I didn’t notice fatigue in the back on the segments from the gas station to the gas station.

The passenger seat is so spacious that a backpack is placed behind the beloved. Only at speeds above 140 km / h does the passenger experience light discomfort by the headwind. Another inconvenience for him was that sometimes I had to slow down more sharply in order to prevent my Masyanya from falling asleep.

And then drove up to Belarus. The border passed easily and quickly - in 10 minutes they purchased insurance (70 rubles) and exchanged 500 rubles for a certain amount of “rabbits”. In Belarus, everyone feels like billionaires - the money at the gas station goes through the window in thick bundles.

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