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Polar Wolf

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Polar Wolf
Polar Wolf



You experience animal fear mixed with admiration when you meet a wolf … About the same associations arise when you see a Polaris RMK snowmobile.

Initially, snowmobiles were conceived as a utilitarian means of transportation in deep snow: to transport firewood, go fishing, hunting … Later - why not ride the whole family on it?.. But the true purpose of the snowmobile is to saturate the owner with sweet fatigue after several hours of skiing.

To do this, you need a special device, but not a sports one - this one is too specific, it is more suited to rolled cross-country tracks. On the snowy virgin soil you need to ride, for example, on Polaris RMK (stands for Rocky Mountain King). This “King of the Rocky Mountains” will take root both in Siberia and in the vast expanses of the Moscow Region … They did not feel the lack of the necessary “cover” in winter in Russia.

Everything in RMK - for moving along the looser “knee-deep”. The flat bottom puts pressure on the snow, and the snowmobile “pops up” when starting, does not bury, even if you put it on one ski. A long caterpillar with the highest grousers row so that it does not allow slippage for an instant. The manufacturing technology of treads is quite interesting: at the base they are solid (which means wear-resistant), and at the extremities are soft - thanks to which they rake snow as efficiently as possible. By the way, the length of the caterpillar can be selected: from 136 to 166 cm.

A powerful engine with a capacity of 900 smz allows you not to think about how steep the climb is and whether it is necessary to accelerate in front of it. By the way, in the line of "mountain" RMK there are models with 700 cc and 600 cc engines. But if we talk about the real "separation", then the best is the extreme, the "toughest" option - 900 cc. On it, "the tower is torn down."

Its dynamics are as follows, if we discard all metaphors and say literally that when I first got behind the wheel of this car last winter and heartily pulled the trigger of the gas, I rushed off with incredible acceleration. Injection and electronic ignition are controlled by a single electronic control unit and provide the highest pick-up characteristics, and at the same time, fuel is consumed extremely economically (at our gasoline prices, all the more than expected, this is an advantage of the car is very important). In addition, electronics is also the purity of the exhaust …

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