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Length Matters

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Length Matters
Length Matters

Let's start from afar (yes, in such a way that it’s good if we get to the subject). We sang in the old days: “There is one pilot’s dream - height, height …” But there is a discrepancy: “height” - twice. One dream, and two heights. There is no need for cunning: “The pilot has a lot of dreams - heights, heights …” But maybe they didn’t fool us from evil, but because of aviation secrecy?.. Well, okay, our conversation is not about the number of dreams and heights, but about length …

The creators of trikes do not bother observing reasonable dimensions. Not in the sense that they eat as if not in themselves (although such ones are not uncommon), but in the fact that they think the least about such inconsequential characteristics of their devices, such as the length or radius of a turn. There are also constructions with the number of seats exceeding the classic 2–3. For example, the American company Ecstasy Cycles offers its tractor-like Renegade in the five-seat version. And the Australian Limo Trikes, corresponding to its name, sprinkles a natural piece of a limousine to the motorcycle front. In these examples, the seats are located in a car - in two rows. Before us is a different case.

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