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Economy. In The Fall They Consider

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Economy.  In The Fall They Consider
Economy. In The Fall They Consider

Under the hood, he carried a sign: “Made in Russia under the license of AVTOVAZ JSC.

Three years have passed, more than 100 thousand cars of two models have been produced, the joint venture has a new director … What other news? While GM's head office is recalling pickups and all-terrain vehicles in the United States, and on the legal front, it is fighting a millionaire Kerkorian, who claims to be a large stake in the concern, his Russian subsidiary is solving its problems.


In the winter, the CEO of the company, Richard Swando, announced that the project costs had fully paid off and the company began to make a net profit. At the same time, in the middle of the year it was decided to reduce the production plan from 75 to 55 thousand cars - in connection with the "increased competition in the market." Competition, of course, has increased, who will argue, but against its background the price of the Chevrolet Niva from Togliatti has also increased. If in 2004 the most popular model of this L all-terrain vehicle cost 285 thousand rubles, and on January 1 of this year - 310 thousand, then from September 15 it is already 313 thousand. And this despite the fact that the price of an all-terrain vehicle was reduced by 10 thousand rubles throughout the spring and summer, as part of the “Spring Drops” campaign, and they asked 300 thousand without one ruble for the “base”!

In addition to claims on prices, buyers have accumulated questions on the quality of components for Niva. This is not to say that the joint venture is not aware of this. In the very near future, Niva will receive a modified interior and new body colors. The characteristics of the engine control unit will also change. At the joint venture, they believe that the new unit will help save on fuel, and this, given the current gas prices, is very important. As for the quality of individual off-road vehicle components, Mr. Svando made it clear: there will be no mass replacement of problematic (read: VAZ) components and parts with similar imported ones - this is the policy of the joint venture. The desire to bring to mind what is, it is commendable, if only not to lose customers along the way …


We also note that the management of the enterprise intends to bring the warranty service of its machines to a whole new level. And in general, it's time to stop arguing about what kind of Chevrolet Niva product it is - a Russian car or a foreign car, says Richard Svando. He is sure that this project is unique, having no analogues in the world, and tactfully recalls the initially good Russian idea, which is being implemented today (as far as possible) according to American quality standards. For those who were waiting (or still waiting) for the long-promised Niva with the Opel engine, the CEO still does not say anything encouraging. They say that the car is ready, but it is not he who makes the decision to start its production, but the board of directors of GM-AvtoVAZ JV. And yet, no comments. One can only wonder why the FAM-1 project was postponed for the umpteenth time, but there is only one answer on the surface: with such a configuration, the car turned out to be incredibly expensive not only for the Russian market, but also for foreign countries. In the meantime, here is the good news! - The markets of the CIS countries willingly take the Niva with a VAZ engine. Last year, over 4 thousand off-road vehicles from Togliatti were sold there, plans for this one are twice as many. In general, by the middle of the year GM-AVTOVAZ had 105 dealers in 66 cities of Russia and 10 dealers in seven CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan; Tajikistan and Moldova are next in line).

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