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Winter Tires Continental. Eighth Contact

Winter Tires Continental. Eighth Contact
Winter Tires Continental. Eighth Contact

Note: experts believe that with a good winter tire, traction should improve with a slip increase. The new ContiWinter-Contact TS family was presented to journalists.


The well-established TS 780 tire has been replaced by the new “eighth” model - TS 800. According to its creators, the novelty surpasses its predecessor in handling and resource by 5%, and in braking on wet and icy roads - by 6%. A bit, but a 20-30 percent effect these days is promised only by developers of engine oil additives.

The tread pattern is based on the well-proven scheme - honeycombs, only now part of the hexagons has “grown together” in the transverse direction. So they kept the longitudinal mobility of the tread (which is good braking and acceleration on a slippery road) with sufficient lateral stiffness for good handling. Dimension - only 14 and 15 inches.


Other tires - ContiWinter Contact TS 810 and 810S (sport) are designed to replace the TS 790. The 810 has a half-tire on the tread half that actively removes water and dirt from the contact patch, and in the sport version the pattern is almost symmetrical.

TS 810 is designed for middle and high class cars and provides high dynamic properties on winter or wet roads, comfort and long life. They are produced in dimensions from 15 to 17 inches, profile heights from 65 to 45% and speed indices of 190, 210, 240 km / h.

TS 810S is a sports winter tire that combines excellent handling, good traction with a wet surface and reliable dynamic properties on any winter road. Its fundamental difference is the different compositions of the rubber compound in the tread. In the outer shoulder (it is responsible for handling on a dry road) - hard rubber and larger checkers. In the inner one, which is responsible for the grip on wet roads, the rubber is softer and the drafts are smaller.

The dimension is 16–19 inches, with a profile height of 60 to 30% and speed indices of 210, 240 and 270 km / h.

I managed to drive about a hundred kilometers on new tires. First impression - great! It seems like under the wheels is not rolled snow, but asphalt. The wheels bite into it so eagerly that you can only make them slip into a slip in first gear. It is a pity that there was nothing to compare the new tires with at the company tests, but on our test we will definitely bring them to the competition. Then it will become obvious how objectively good the new “Conti” is.

NOTICE According to Continental experts, the winter properties of a tire can be visually assessed by the so-called “winter index”. It is calculated by dividing the total length of the lamellas in the contact spot by the total transverse length of the checkers. The winter tire has the right to be called one whose index is at least two. For example, the tire ContiWinterContact TS 790 it is equal to 2.84. And the new TS 810 - already 3.31!



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