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I Grow Up - I Will Become A Jeep


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I Grow Up - I Will Become A Jeep
I Grow Up - I Will Become A Jeep

AIE200 Cross, ATV Utility

Year of issue

| Engine

> | Power

| WeightTop speed| Price $ 5000


He is quite maneuverable, steers well on the highway. However, due to lack of engine power, it is boring to drive on it for a long time. And after a couple of asphalt kilometers I was drawn to drive along the "pampas". And here he is good! Due to the small base and narrow track, seemingly insurmountable obstacles pass. It seems a little more - and sit on the "belly". But no, when you drive wisely and do not miss “between the legs” no matter what, his cross is surprisingly high. And then, it’s quite light: if you still got stuck or hung on the “belly”, he got down from the all-terrain vehicle and dragged it to the side with his hands. This happened to me twice … When I “sagged”, I remembered that the sellers in the motorcycle show told me that soon there would be options for selling with “more toothy” rubber, and the cross-country ability would improve significantly.

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