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Insurance. Selected Licenses

Insurance. Selected Licenses
Insurance. Selected Licenses

“We decided to switch to an accelerated procedure for paying compensation to customers of all companies from which licenses were taken away,” said RSA President Andrei Kigim. “Namely: without waiting for lawmakers and tax authorities to give a clear and unambiguous answer on the payment procedure, insurers agreed that they should start paying.”


Five companies have already lost their licenses this year: AVEST, Trust, West Siberian Transport Insurance Company, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and Euro-Asian Insurance Company. While the government level will decide what to do with the debts of these companies to customers, the insurers "figured out" themselves and shared responsibility between the largest players in the insurance market. The largest agent for compensation payments was Rosgosstrakh. Now, in order to receive the money due, you need to contact one of its loss settlement centers and fill out several documents: a statement on compensation payment, a request for a certificate of form No. 31 (if necessary), and an independent examination. With the conclusion of the examination and all other documents, you will have to turn once again to the loss settlement center, where everyone will check, accept and transfer it to the RSA.

Approximately the same procedure was established in the offices of other major insurance companies (RESO-Garantia, Ingosstrakh, etc.), which assumed responsibility for the failed companies. In the RSA they promise to consider all the documents and make a decision on payment within 15 days, but the money will arrive in the client’s bank account, alas, not so soon. RSA President A. Kigim calls the minimum period of 3 months: there is no experience with such payments yet, and the number of affected customers is quite large. Now, for example, only the first 1, 200 CTP insurance policies from “deflated” AVESTA are “in operation”.


Insurers took upon themselves the “sins” of their colleagues not out of spiritual goodness: each insurance company is a commercial enterprise, not a charity. It is clear that in the end, when the compensation mechanism is developed, they will be reimbursed for the costs, but when it still happens … According to analysts, the leading companies took such a step to maintain public confidence in the insurance market in general. The society has not cooled off from the tension that it experienced from the introduction of the OSAGO system, there are still separate (often political) cries about the “robbery of the people” … All that was missing was the scandal with bankrupt companies, in which thousands of car owners suffered!


“With the introduction of the OSAGO law, dozens of different companies took up this type of insurance, and not everyone was able to prepare with dignity, not everyone calculated their strength,” says Igor Yamov, Deputy General Director of Ingosstrakh IJSC. - As a result, several companies were unable to fulfill their obligations and have already lost their licenses. In the coming months, their ranks - alas! - replenish. We are waiting for the next “wave" by the end of the year. The main thing for us is to maintain public confidence in insurance in general, so the leading companies that were able to profit from the CTP system decided to share losses among themselves.

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