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Audi Sportback AS3-R. No Compromise

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Audi Sportback AS3-R. No Compromise
Audi Sportback AS3-R. No Compromise

The new Sportback AS3-R is by no means a diplomat. He does not know what a compromise is. This is a real warrior, going ahead. Its essence is clearly expressed in the letter R added to the nameplate on the tailgate. Of course, this car will not participate in real competitions. And not for that they created it. But on the road, he will undoubtedly attract attention. Abt Sportsline engineers squeezed 300 hp out of its 2-liter TFSI and 370 N.m. And seasoned with all-wheel drive Quattro for better handling. Despite the fact that he has a bright sporting character, each driver will be able to feel what it means 5.9 seconds to “hundreds” and “maximum speed” of 260 km / h.

Tuning the chassis will allow you to experience frantic dynamics without losing control of the car. The suspension has been replaced by a sports one, with height adjustment and optimal feedback. The Abt Sportsline specialists retuned the steering in a “ring” style, so the car refers to the driver’s commands as a well-trained servant - it does so without hesitation. According to testers, all the controls of the AS3-R leave the most pleasant impression: for example, the clarity of the gear shift is brought here to an exemplary level.

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