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Tuning Volkswagen Vento

Video: Tuning Volkswagen Vento
Video: Тачка из Форсажа - VW Vento (Jetta) 2023, February
Tuning Volkswagen Vento
Tuning Volkswagen Vento

What can we turn an ordinary Volkswagen Vento (translated into American VW Jetta), we saw in the same film about street racers. Where he, the owner of Vento-Jetta, thanked some of his mechanical god for nitrous oxide and forged pistons. It was before dinner, as if he himself was going to sip nitrous and eat pistons. But then it is extreme, then it is America. European tuners prefer more modest refinement options, especially if the base car is not the most powerful in its lineup. But they usually work on appearance on a grand scale. So in Russia …

The light blue Vento of 1992 was a completely ordinary car. Buying a "German", the owner knew for sure that he would invest a little more in its completion, although the car was quite solid. The 100-horsepower 2-liter engine allowed frolic - at least in the city. At first … Then, when the owner was already accustomed to the car, he began to think that more power would be nice, and better speakers. But he did not want to change Vento to another model, but went to the tuning masters.

Specialists were skeptical: “You can’t do anything serious with this engine,” however, they agreed to help. In fact, the car was needed for daily trips, rather than dashing short “breakouts” and subsequent lengthy repairs, so the golden mean was chosen.

Further events unfolded according to the well-known scenario. A low-resistance cotton air filter was installed. The issue was done according to a common scheme: 4-2-1 collector, pipes of increased diameter, sports resonator and Pro.Sport silencer. Of course, such a tuning did not bring a sharp increase in power, but the owner of this seemed quite enough.

The next step is the modernization of the suspension (especially since it has long been in need of repair). Especially with the settings and balance, they were not wise, they put gas shock absorbers (in front of Sachs, behind Bilstein), shortening the stocks by 40 and 60 millimeters, respectively. H&R Sport springs, selected as a set, forced them to cut them alive: they are much shorter than standard ones. The suspension turned out to be quite decent. Banks in turns have become less, and the stiffness is not particularly increased. The owner is convinced that comfort has only grown and the car now looks much more spectacular. True, you have to be careful with potholes and borders … Well, this is an inevitable payment for the image.

Many more details work on the image. For example, front brakes. The updated Vento received ventilated Brembo.

Of course, the brakes of the car are on display: through the spokes of the 17-inch K&K wheels they are perfectly visible. Wheels look great. If they had not yet demanded such attention! The most moody here - decorative bolts. They look untidy dirty, and to put them in order, you have to wipe each separately.

Then came the kit. And here, not everything went smoothly. Strained installation of the front bumper. The owner decided that the bumper from the Volkswagen Golf IV is best suited. It turned out to be easy to get it. But the size and shape of the “muzzle” of the “fourth” Golf is not at all the same as that of the “third”. I had to customize. I also suffered with the rear bumper (it was borrowed from the Subaru Legacy). Door sills removed from the BMW M3. Here is a vinaigrette. Although all together it looks good.

Then, Hella xenon headlights stood in front, and Pro.Sport lights in the back.

Before tuning, the car was light blue. Now it is dark blue with a black roof. Moderate extravagance in the interior. Instead of boring upholstery, a new, more interesting, Momo gear knob and parking brake are now available. Soon, an expensive audio system will take its rightful place. Our enthusiast considers the appearance complete, but is considering lighting.

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