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The Three Rushes Let Not Soon

Video: The Three Rushes  Let Not Soon
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The Three Rushes  Let Not Soon
The Three Rushes Let Not Soon

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I learned about the appearance of this model quite by accident - when I was browsing … American motorcycle sites. However, why be surprised: it is in this country that the lion's share of the products of the Irbit Motor Plant goes.

Amazed by the respectable appearance of the motorcycle and its luxurious coloring, he did not immediately see in it a three-wheeled “Sovnarkhoz”, well known from pre-perestroika times. In fact, the “Troika” is a common “one hundred and third” model, only with a new 750cc engine and a number of imported components borrowed from the chopper family. Carburetors, electric starters and generators are imported from renowned companies.

I sit behind the wheel, going to start the engine. The use of electric starters on Irbit motorcycles has become commonplace, but still I’m waiting with bated breath: will it start?.. The motor picked up from a half-turn, sounded a characteristic bass-boxer exhaust. I’m not in a hurry to start off - the engine needs to be warmed up so that it touches the colossus - after all, the weight of the crew with the driver exceeds 400 kg.

From the very first meters, when the motorcycle was pulled a little noticeably to the side, I remembered the features of the “wheelchairs” control: they, unlike trikes or motorbikes with a wheel-drive, always take them to the side when driving, because the drive wheel is one. By adjusting the angles of descent and camber of the wheelchair, you can achieve that, while driving, make minimal efforts to the steering wheel, so that the device goes straight. At the same time, the weight distribution is taken into account - where and how many passengers do you most often carry. If the driver rides mostly alone or with the passenger behind him - one adjustment, if you ride with the load and the passenger in the wheelchair more often - the other … In the Troika, the angles are clearly adjusted for a single biker, so you can steer with one hand without tension and even release the steering wheel.

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