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Dealer Services. Seasonal Bouncers


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Dealer Services. Seasonal Bouncers
Dealer Services. Seasonal Bouncers



The end of the year is the time of New Year's discounts. The car, of course, is not a perfume bottle, but the number of Russians postponing the purchase of a new car for the New Year is growing steadily. Psychologists in the West have long given an explanation for this phenomenon, and ours agreed with them.

- November-December are not the most joyful months of the year. It was at this time that susceptible people were most prone to depression, mental discomfort. Shopping is the best way to cure a woman of sadness, but men are no exception,”says Alexei Chibisov, assistant professor of experimental psychology at the Moscow Humanities University. - Special studies on the topic of how to treat depression buying a new car in Russia have not been conducted, but the Americans have proved the usefulness of this. The results of research by sociologists and psychologists are carefully studied by those who sell cars. No wonder it is in November and December that the peak of the so-called advertising sales falls.

In Moscow, by the beginning of the winter season, many dealers offer preferential terms for the purchase of new cars - a reduction in interest when buying on credit, simplifying the procedure for obtaining a loan.

We have already touched on this topic: in such a seemingly indiscreet course of sellers, a very real benefit is laid in mind - cars sold in November-December will already “age” on January 1 for the whole year. It is clear that buyers are extremely reluctant to lay out a round sum for the car at this time: if you sell it in a couple of years, you will lose a lot. Dealers, knowing well the features of the secondary market and wanting to maintain an acceptable level of sales at the end of the year, provide discounts that are unthinkable at other times.



“New Year's gifts” are provided not only for buyers of new cars. More recently, a service has appeared on our market - seasonal tire storage, which has become quite widespread not only in the capital. It is offered by both car dealerships and companies specializing in the sale of "rubber" and tire fitting. As a rule, you can keep your “summer shoes” in stock for free (or at a big discount) for three months, provided that you purchase a set of studded tires. When paying for warehouse services (on average in Moscow, storing a kit costs 3, 000 rubles) in some cases offer significant discounts on tire fitting work. Winter tires can be given in addition to the purchased car. At one car dealership (official Ford dealer), when buying a Mondeo or Focus C-max, a set of winter tires was included as a gift from … July 1. True, the possibility of free storage of studded tires in the warehouse was immediately stipulated.


One of the main components of the winter “car kit” is inspection: changing the oil, checking the operation of all systems, etc. As a rule, today this service is offered to all customers by all dealers.

The prices for the service related to the preparation for the winter season can vary significantly: for some dealers in November, discounts for scheduled maintenance reach 50-60%, while others do not have them at all.

“You see, excessive obsession can alert the client here,” Marat Sekamov, service manager of the Independence company, is sure. His company takes a different path: during the year it carries out an action encouraging the client to carry out all scheduled work on time and in full. Those who follow this receive discounts on car service, regardless of the season.

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