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Irbit Wolf Comrade To Him


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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Серые Волки / Gray Wolves. Фильм. Политический Детектив 2023, January
Irbit Wolf Comrade To Him
Irbit Wolf Comrade To Him

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Everyone knows about the Wolf. The Solo Classic remained in his shadow for a long time. But he certainly deserves to get to know him better.


This is in the shade he is a "gray mouse." Take it to the light - it will surprise you with rich color, a good balance of painted and chrome parts. It looks respectably - as befits a classic motorcycle. But the appearance of the devices of this class, in any case for so many fans of the "genre", is almost more important than the dynamic and driving qualities. But I assure you, it’s interesting to know about them in details and details.

I have no doubt that absolutely everyone who has any contact with the Urals will be interested in the same thing first. So, mindful of the eternal ailment of all motorcycles of the brand - inexhaustible leaks and dripping oil from all holes, he looked under the motor. Dry! I swear on all my motorcycles … But maybe because it's new? So until recently, dripping and new, which causes disgust for any self-respecting person.

A gas crane (imported) does not need to be opened, it is an automatic machine. He pulled the enrichment fungi from Keihin carburetors. He pressed the starter button (all controls on the steering wheel are also imported) - the engine came to life, announcing the space with a bass exhaust. A hundred cubic meters larger than the previous one, the 750cc engine and its appendage, the new muffler, enriched the exhaust with a low solidity register. Classic lovers will approve. And in a fit of patriotism they will add: Do you compare this sound with the hasty clucking of the 4-cylinder "Japanese"?


By the way, about additional "cubes". Looking through the technical characteristics of the engine before the test, I noted that the increase in the volume of the cylinders for some reason did not bring an increase in power. So, maybe, in vain they replaced the debugged veteran engine?.. But the very first meters behind the wheel convinced that it was not in vain: acceleration went easily, not straining, as if the engine had not 40 "fillies", but 60.

One of the advantages of the boxer scheme (though not the main thing, but still …) is the ability to place the driver’s saddle lower. This is so that in the “stop” position you can lean on the ground with your whole foot, and not with your socks - it’s more convenient to keep a rather heavy apparatus in balance: if with gasoline, then it’s all 230 kg … As long as the ideas about the static weight distribution of the motorcycle were in my head, I forgot to remove lateral emphasis (and it does not get into the eyes - it is not visible from under the cylinder sticking out towards the side). But it doesn’t matter - he himself spring into place. And in the next instant, I almost felt tears of how fabulously easy the transmission started - without the clangs, rattles and rattles that were characteristic of the former "Uralov" opposites.

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