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If In The Taiga

If In The Taiga
If In The Taiga

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Izh-P5 engine was taken as a basis - because it pulls well at low speeds, which is important to ensure high traffic. I “tailored” the “water shirt” only for the cylinder - I scalded its upper part with aluminum sheet. He took the radiator from Moskvich-2141, and not from the interior heater, but the main one. Water is pumped by the pump from the Siberia washing machine, driven by the crankshaft. The cooling system turned out to be very effective: the water does not boil either on prolonged rises, or during long driving in lower gears through impassable dirt.

To make four-wheel drive, I used compact gearboxes from the Ant: each has a reverse and a differential. One drawback: the rear gearbox sometimes lacks a differential lock: when the all-terrain vehicle is strongly tilted to its side, the unloaded wheel breaks into a slip. But I learned to quickly move towards the stalled wheel. Hubs, driveshafts, brake calipers made by myself. The front gearbox is neutral. Turning it on, you actually turn off the front wheel drive.

Brakes set only on the rear axle, but when you turn on all-wheel drive, all four wheels brake.

Independent suspension of all wheels “swallows” all the bumps and pits, and off-road it is possible to develop quite decent speed.

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