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Beads As A Decoration Of Life

Beads As A Decoration Of Life
Beads As A Decoration Of Life

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About three years ago, anyone who saw this bike “alive” or at least read its characteristics in a handout, fell into quiet horror and was afraid to approach the “Bus” closer than three meters: the motorcycle seemed great and terrible like Goodwin. Today, he completely “merges” the characteristics of his younger brother - the new liter “jiser”. But it’s even more interesting to ride on what only three years ago seemed to be the pinnacle of the genius of engineering intelligence and high technology.

Let me take a closer look at you, old man … The “licked” forms of fairings, in comparison with the “angularly aggressive” contours now fashionable in motorcycle design, look somewhat “remnant”. I can’t say what’s bad: Hayabusa is just a character from a previous generation of designers. But this does not make him flawed - in no way! And then, this is not a sport bike, as many believe, but a sports tourist. What later, during the ride, I was convinced. And I will tell you.

The motorcycle is tucked up, the soul is eager to drive, thoughts clear the way … But - here you go! It was very amusing that the “suction” lever (sucks!) Was installed on the injection (progress!) Apparatus. Really it was impossible to "sew up" a warm-up mode in the engine control system?


Okay, I started it … The motor warmed up a bit, and without that the bass drone from the mufflers lowered the tone even more. I returned the "enrichment" to the "zero" position - let's go!

And right away I was faced with the individual features of the Beads: the steering wheel is unnatural for the “thug” to easily turn at low speed. Good! But later he tasted the opposite effect of dignity: in sharp bends at low speed, a rather powerful reverse reaction follows - the pressure of the steering wheel on the pilot’s “inner” arm. That is, the steering wheel seeks to arbitrarily turn inside the turn. At first annoying. But then, like any whim, if you can’t avoid it, you get used to it and stop paying attention.

While I was driving along the narrow streets to the avenue, the rubber warmed up relatively and began to “hold” seriously. It was seriously - that’s why she and Michelin Pilot Sport to “stick” to the asphalt. The motorcycle behaved in a balanced manner: when you go at a calm pace, it does not twitch, does not “get nervous,” and allows the pilot to relax. A rather long wheelbase does not tempt the "burn" a dense stream. The motorcycle is not as nimble as “purebred” sportbikes, but he is a “tourist”, and the psychological type of nervous choleric is alien to him … Weight of 217 kilos does not hinder the freedom of movement of the driver, but does not allow to relax at all. Do not forget about it when I enter the parking area …

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