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New Russian Project. Saenzhong


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New Russian Project. Saenzhong
New Russian Project. Saenzhong

In any case, for motorists. On August 22, KIA, one of the whales of South Korea’s auto industry, and the Russian SOK group in Izhevsk opened a full-fledged production of Spectra cars. By the end of the year, 8, 000 vehicles should roll off the IzhAvto conveyor. And the price, I must say, is set attractive: from 11.5 to 14.7 thousand dollars. You can forget about the past, that is, about the production of your own, originally Russian (read: Soviet) models at IzhAvto. There is no place for them.

The market itself pushed out the cheap rear-wheel-drive Odu and Fabulu cars - the former main plant models. The drop in sales in the first half of 2005 by as much as 32% forced the owners of the plant to finally abandon the obsolete design, and ahead of schedule, without waiting for the “planned” 2007. It would be very strange to look at a factory where they simultaneously produce carburetor archaics and a modern car, even if not of the latest model range. All this somehow does not fit into the "one bottle." So far, an exception has been made for the VAZ “sixes” and “fours” - they will hold out on the local assembly line until about 2007, having acquired an injector along the way. The fact that this would happen could be understood by seeing Vladimir Kadannikov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AVTOVAZ, among the honored guests. Speaking at the opening of the Spectra, he very accurately noticed that our car industry is in unpaid debt to the consumer. Presumably, the appearance of Spectra at IzhAvto is another step towards the return of at least part of the debt. Ah, if Dmitry Fedorovich Ustinov, a member of the Politburo and curator of "Izhmash" in Soviet times, knew that on his beloved defense brainchild would be assembled cars of a possible enemy then …



The opening ceremony, as always, resembled a mixture of "French with Nizhny Novgorod." Festively frightened, in clean robes, the pickers clung to the walls, passing numerous delegations - Russian and Korean. Moreover, Koreans, unlike ours, were smiling all the time. And most of all - KIA Motors Executive Vice President Jung Moon Park. One can understand: all these governors gathered here, officials, businessmen, representatives of the press are witnesses of the triumph of his company.


… True, this “celebration of life" did not come to all plant workers. There are no two basic models, which means that reductions are inevitable. What you want is a market … Those who stayed have been trained here, on the spot, and in Korea. Now, only 122 workers are involved in the body welding workshop, they paint the car 380, assemble it - 128 plus the bosses. There are also those who are engaged in the VAZ heritage. (By the way, foreign cars and VAZs are assembled under the roof of one workshop, but the lines are separated by a yellow fence.) The SOK group plans to increase the production of the “spectrum” to 40 thousand cars a year (this will happen already in 2007) - then, possibly, the number participants in the new production will increase …


Making a car today is no longer the main thing. The main thing is to sell, which was especially emphasized by the president of the SOK group, Rustem Shiyanov. Therefore, the implementation of the "range" (as well as imported cars of the KIA concern) will be handled by SOKIA. It is created by the JUICE group. Contracts have already been concluded with a number of dealerships both in the capital and in other regions of the country. The task is to sell all 8 thousand “Spectra” and another 10 thousand “Sportages”, “Picanto”, “Sorrento”, etc. this year. For Spectra, sparing conditions for leasing and credit are promised.


According to the assurances of SOK marketers, this model was not chosen by chance. Almost D-class in size, again a sedan, which is a big plus for Russia, in the asset - a number of high-profile titles, including "Car of 2002 in America." Yes, the model in Korea itself has been discontinued, but transferring it for assembly to another country is a normal tactic for all global automakers. Moreover, the Korean side is clearly not going to limit itself to one Spectra. Both Seoul and Samara consider this project a kind of “breakdown”. In Russia, KIA cars have already been assembled (and are being assembled), but mainly using screwdriver technology, and here the full cycle is welding, painting, assembly …

By the way, the Spectra assembly project was the first real embodiment of the long-awaited 166th decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, which opened the door for investment in car assembly production (and allowed importing components duty-free for this). But now the task for the SOK group of companies is to ensure that the notorious localization of car production is not limited to tires, windows and rubber mats. At the first stage, investments in the Spectra amount to about three million rubles, and the localization of production itself is divided into three stages. Three years later, the content of Russian components in the car should be 30%, and in the future only the engine will remain imported. According to the CEO of IzhAvto Mikhail Dobyndo, welding and painting have already reduced the price of a Korean car by $ 900.

But back to the new Russian car from the perspective of the buyer. There are four configurations with one engine - 1.6 l, 101 hp So far, the plant will make the so-called second configuration, which, apparently, will be in greatest demand. This is a manual, power steering, a tilt steering column, two airbags, power windows, central locking, heated mirrors, fog lights, an air filter in the cabin and air conditioning. Such a set will pull on 12, 200.e. In total, from 2005 to 2009, 148 thousand cars should be produced in Izhevsk! Will they be able to sell so much?

Today’s buyer, laying out his hard-earned 10-12 thousand “standard units”, wants to receive goods both fashionable and high-quality. As for further plans, if everything goes as planned, IzhAvto will soon announce the release of another KIA model.

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