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I Want To Be A Kid


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Video: What Do You Want To Do? | Hobbies Song for Kids 2023, January
I Want To Be A Kid
I Want To Be A Kid

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Why did they build this small fry? Only in order to seat the child on her, so that he would not get lost among the shelves with food, when the parents make a trip to the capital's supermarket?

Okay, mocked - now let's ride.


The set of controls is scarce, but sufficient: gas, brake and a “red button” to stop the motor. I pulled the rope starter - the "heart" beat. I tried differently to sit in the seat, but never got a job. Midi Quadard is exclusively a children's “quadric”, and an adult in it is cramped, and the guy on Blata looks awkward. “Eh, for a while I would become a kid, then this quadric is the ultimate dream! I would cut through it around the yard, in the park, along asphalt paths …”So I was nostalgic for my own childhood, when the Karpaty moped seemed to me the most powerful and fastest superbike in the world.

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