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Autumn Confrontations


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Autumn Confrontations
Autumn Confrontations


Automobile exhibitions on Krasnaya Presnya have become traditional for 10 years. Should appear on advertising banners and posters with the abbreviation MIMS (Moscow International Motor Show), car lovers are already planning considerable funds in the family budget to attend the show. By the way, the ticket price has now grown up to 200 rubles, and after all, many people want to visit the exhibition as a family … Moreover, there are less and less cars here every year, but there are more spare parts and accessories. The OICA Automobile Manufacturers Association decided to hold international salons in Moscow once every two years, besides “divorcing” Moscow and Frankfurt. Therefore, for the second time in a row, leading companies do not come to Presnya.

And then there is the regional competitor - Crocus Expo "crept up", offering a much more modern venue. So there were two exhibitions in Moscow today, although small ones. The main intrigue, however, is ahead: for 2006, when a real official international auto show is due to take place in Moscow, both exhibition complexes intend to accept it. Hopefully, competition will benefit viewers and producers alike. At a press conference on the opening of the Interauto 2005 exhibition at Crocus Expo, the head of the Russian Ford, Henrik Nensen, said: “This venue is the best in Europe (!) For car dealerships.” Such words are worth a lot: Nensen is also the vice president of the automobile manufacturers committee of the European Business Club.


In their confrontation, as a matter of fact, MIMS passed. In addition to Russian exhibitors, only Asian brands and the European Skoda were present at Presnya. There were no world premieres, but “Flyer”, “Hover” and even “Suzuki Grand Vitara” west of Russia have not yet appeared.

The first two brands are Chinese. “Flyer” was built by BYD, taking as a basis a rather ancient version of “Daihatsu-Kuore”. According to the plan, this baby should take a place in our market between Oka and Daewoo Matiz.

Hover is an all-terrain vehicle of the Chinese Great Wall company, which may be … not an all-terrain vehicle. In the basic configuration, the car has rear-wheel drive. Both Chinese news are presented in the News section.

It seems that on our roads will soon appear Chinese pickups of various stripes: large and medium, two and five-seater, pretty and not very. The key to this is affordable prices from 10 with a few thousand dollars. Although the car is not a real off-road vehicle, it looks solid, and he does not care about the potholes. After all, all the pickups with a powerful frame and considerable ground clearance. Under the hood of most “Chinese”, there are modest “fours” with a capacity of about 100 forces. Such a quick lucky, but the appetite and taxes are moderate.

Iranians (Iran Khodro company) have already begun sales in Russia. At MIMS introduced the Pars sedan (in a previous life - “Peugeot 405”) and … “Peugeot 206”. Yes, in parallel with the French hatchback, an Iranian is now being sold in Moscow at a cost of $ 12, 700. In the future, the Peugeot 206 sedan is exclusively of Iranian origin.

The Russians answered the call with expositions of VAZ, GAZ and IzhAvto. But, alas, they did not have real novelties. Instead of "Ode" and "Fabula" in Izhevsk plan to collect Korean models, to start the "KIA Spectra". Two Sanyon will be covered up - Rexton and, later, Rodius. They intend to produce them in Naberezhnye Chelny on the conveyor adjacent to the Oka.

The Gorkovites struck the audience with the Gazelle, which had a "sloping down" roof - and at the same time there were no passive safety devices. It is not clear where and whom it will be possible to carry in such a carriage. Unless the excursionists through the territory of the exhibitions … In addition to the exotic cabriolet, they again showed the Tiger and the Volga, with another imported motor and an elongated one.

VAZ was not marked by loud premieres. We have already seen “Prioru” at the stands. "Tens" even in the performance of "Deluxe" - not a sensation. And the Serpukhovites, apparently, decided to fight the Chinese rivals with their own weapons: they put a 3-cylinder engine from Chery-QQ under the hood of the Oka. He came up, they say, perfect. With it, the car accelerates to hundreds in decent 18, not 24 seconds. It just stops, most likely, still reluctantly. They promise that the Russian-Chinese car will cost about $ 4, 400 …


This is about Interauto 2005 at Crocus Expo. General Motors Concern presented its most popular car - Chevrolet Spark. According to the representatives of the company, it is not at all “Daewoo Matiz”: 80% of the parts are original. Judging by the engine compartment without the stretch-amplifier, which is obligatory for the “Uzbek”, the body structure is really different and more durable. The price - from $ 8490 - is higher than that of the Matiz in a similar configuration, but the Spark is equipped with an airbag, and the interior is more modern.

At the other extreme of the GM exhibit, of course, Hammer II. Between David and Goliath - “Opel Zafira” of the second generation, “SAAB-9-3 sport combi”, a brood of angular “Cadillacs”.

Ford brought the SAV concept to Interauto. In the spring, this minivan should become serial, not much changed externally. Representatives of the company say that the wheels will be simpler and the modest interior.

The French were generous at the notable premieres: Renault showed Modus, and Citroen showed the C6 executive sedan. But perhaps most often, visitors to the exhibition slammed the doors of the Russian Renault Logan.

And nearby … Of course, Chinese off-road vehicles and pickups. A couple of Pegasus and Saylor cars were not lit on Presnya. Interestingly, with the seeming variety of vehicles from the Middle Kingdom, it does not leave a feeling of monotony: they are very similar and old-fashioned. The price tags are also monotonous: from 12 to 18 thousand dollars for a pickup truck.

* * *

Well, crowds of spectators at both metropolitan exhibitions showed: the main struggle for visitors is yet to come. Here, of course, economic factors and the convenience of the entrance will play a role. It’s easier to get to Presnya by metro - the center of the capital has long turned into a big traffic jam. In “Crocus”, on the contrary, it’s easier to get there by car, although buses from the terminal metro stations certainly help. Another thing is clear: with a reasonable pricing policy, we will soon be able to see new products regardless of the status of the salon and parity of the year. After all, our market is becoming increasingly important for global manufacturers. Famous - and so far completely unfamiliar in Europe …


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