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Interauto Takes Place At Crocus Expo


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Interauto Takes Place At Crocus Expo
Interauto Takes Place At Crocus Expo

Passions on the Motor Show didn’t subside when the next automobile exhibition under the promising name Interauto opened in the capital. The fact is that Interauto is a test event designed to take into account all aspects necessary for holding a large-scale world-class automobile salon in September 2006. Moreover, if the Interauto exhibition is held in the first pavilion of Crocus Expo IEC, then during the car show 2006 the second pavilion of the exhibition center and, a new, additional entrance to Crocus from the inside of the MKAD will be involved.

On September 2, the presentation of the Interauto International Exhibition on the podium was attended by A. G. Bortsov, First Deputy General Director of Crocus International CJSC, D.G. Director of Crocus Expo IEC Ostroushko, president of Ford Motor Company, Henrik Nensen, editor-in-chief of Za Rulyom magazine Petr Menshikh, exhibition coordinator of the automobile committee of the Association of European Businesses Irina Sharovatova, etc.

Introducing the presidium members to the reporters present, Mr. Bortsov noted that, despite the long “exhibition” history of Crocus Expo, its own automobile exhibition was held for the first time. The project of such an event was considered for a long time, but only now the increased capabilities of the exhibition center, both organizational and territorial, made it possible to talk about its implementation.

At a press conference, they noted that a unique situation would develop in 2006 - an auto show at Krasnaya Presnya is planned from September 28 to 5, and the International Automobile Salon at Crocus Expo will be held from August 30 to September 10. Who will prefer the automakers - time will tell.

Today, 80% of the Crocus Expo exhibition center is occupied by cars. The participants of the exhibition, and today there are more than 400 of them, are accommodated in four rooms of the first pavilion of the IEC. These are: “Automakers”, “Auto Components”, “Car Audio” and “VI Oldtimer Ilya Sorokin Gallery”.

“Automakers” is the main exposition of the exhibition, occupying room 4. Among its participants: General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Renault, Citroen, Volvo, BMW, Audi, Avtotor, etc. Many companies brought their new products. Of particular interest to journalists was the products of Chinese manufacturers, which was first presented in Moscow by Irito (general distributor of Great Wall Motors) and a group of Chery distributors.

"Auto components" - an exposition located in the hall №2. Among the participants: Tekhnolak, Pingo, Slavneft, Apiko, Clean Company, TD Kama, etc.

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