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EXPERTISE: Engine Cleaners. With A Pure Heart

Video: EXPERTISE: Engine Cleaners. With A Pure Heart
Video: Stp fuel system cleaner did the impossible! 2023, February
EXPERTISE: Engine Cleaners. With A Pure Heart
EXPERTISE: Engine Cleaners. With A Pure Heart

It costs about 300 rubles to wash the engine compartment at Moscow prices, and then everyone decides for himself: whether to trust the skillful hands of the washers or buy a special tool for 100 rubles and carefully, so that water does not get on the electrician, do the cleansing of the “heart”, “soul” and other metal organs of the engine compartment.

If you still prefer the second option, then when choosing a detergent from the assortment, your head may be dizzy. For the examination we conducted at NITSBYTHIM, we purchased 24 different types of engine cleaners - and these are only the most common! To make it easier to understand them, the agents were divided according to the method of application into three groups: aerosol sprays, foam sprays and trigger sprays.

The tests were carried out in this way: a pollutant was applied to a non-greasy metal plate - a “hellish” mixture of mining, soot, burning, solid oil and sand. Then the dirty plate was brought closer to the “field conditions” - it was fried in a heating cabinet to make the dirt look like real. Now there is something to clean: each plate was treated with a cleaner. Put it on a hot or cold surface - according to the instructions on the package. Trigger application preparations, due to their low activity, clearly required additional external intervention, but experts did this only when the instruction required it. The effectiveness of the action was evaluated as a percentage. We agreed that a rating of 100% is awarded only to those means, when applied, the dirt disappears literally before our eyes - almost instantly. From 95 to 100% is an excellent result, from 80 to 95% is good, and from 60 to 80% is normal. Everything else is low.

Test results - in front of you: choose …

And finally, the last: do not forget about nature, do not wash the engine near forests and ponds! Ecology is life!

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