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Shallow Treasure

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Shallow Treasure
Shallow Treasure

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Fate allowed me to save cash and buy a motorcycle only two years ago. But which one to take? It was necessary to get one so that later I would not regret it - for too long I dreamed about it. I wanted a sports-tourism class apparatus - I was always drawn to ride motorbike trips. “Pure” “sport” while not considering the option, and not one of the 400 cc sports bikes (there was not enough finance for a large cubic capacity) touched on the living. And since the choice of "four hundred" is small, I settled on the Suzuki RF400RV.

Only in April last year he took the motorcycle from the passenger compartment. It is not quite standard: the tank is from RF900, that is, its volume is 21 liters. Looks very good on the “four hundred” - as “native”. And convenient for the “dalnyak”, because it is roomy. Apparently, the previous one - the Japanese owner loved it and “handed” to me a device with a bunch of nice things - reinforced hoses on the front and rear circuits, a digital thermometer + voltmeter, an “Mmax” chip under the seat (it removes the maximum speed limit and slightly corrects the system ignition).

Gradually I began to get used to its features. It looks like an adult (a favorite question of onlookers: “Is this really“four hundred?”). Which is not surprising: in terms of size - as the "big brother" of RF900. In the refueled state, it weighs about 200 kg, and when the motorcycle "rides on you" and not you on it (say, when parking), it "acts out" as if it were ulcerating: "I rolled you - now you are me." But it is worth moving off and putting your feet on the steps, as the weight immediately “disappears”. You can ride it almost at the speed of a pedestrian, it is very stable on a straight line, and it is difficult to blow it off the trajectory of even a passing truck. Very good wind protection! I additionally installed a high touring glass - now you can drive around without straining at a speed of 160 km / h, and this, if you understand, is quite good for the 400-ki.

I immediately appreciated the benefits of reinforced hoses: they provide extremely fast feedback. Hoses, I believe, saved me from a few falls at the beginning of the difficult journey of the "green" motorcyclist. Even with a passenger, it is easy to brake with just two fingers, and if you also use the rear brake, the wheels stick to the asphalt, the speed goes out quickly, predictably.

Landing is very convenient - in traffic jams and on “far” it is important: no matter how you ride, you do not get tired. Say, before Peter and back flew in the same breath. I practically didn’t feel fatigue: I enjoyed the road, listened to how the engine worked, forgot about everything, even about the cars that tried to overtake me, and forgave me when they cut me. In traffic jams, shoulder fatigue and back pain do not occur. The seat is designed prudently: if you want to sit like on a “classic” - move in and rest yourself in a “gasket” in the tank, if you want to take a more athletic fit - move to the “stern”. Mirrors are located so high that they are higher than the mirrors of most cars - this facilitates movement in the aisle.

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