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Peugeot 307. Two About One "boat"


Video: Peugeot 307. Two About One "boat"

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Video: Обзор Peugeot 307, французы - ловите за санкции )) 2023, January
Peugeot 307. Two About One "boat"
Peugeot 307. Two About One "boat"

K. Z. I chose the car emotionally. What to stop: Ford Focus, Peugeot 307 or Toyota Corolla? Each managed to drive a little. As soon as I sat in the 307th, I felt - this is for me! When choosing, all three models were in about the same price category.

I am not a fan of automatic gearboxes and bought with the usual one. If we talk about the box - I will immediately scold her. But first, all the same, about what I liked the car, forced myself to love.

First of all, excellent handling on the highway and in the city. The gearbox of the box is very convenient for the city. The gears are long. At the first, you can calmly accelerate to sixty.

The car - I soon felt it - perfectly informs the driver. As soon as she has problems (slippery roads and the like), she informs about this much earlier than something happens. You manage to slow down, drive less actively. Despite the fact that the car is very tall, there is no feeling on the track that it is blowing off the road, even at high speeds. Engine power is enough.

I note a reasonable consumption of gasoline and a very good big tank. I drive a lot, refuel once a week - it’s good for me, you don’t have to look for gas stations, which is not at all easy if you constantly turn around in the center of Moscow. The seats are very comfortable - you feel like in a good limousine. The steering wheel is adjustable in two planes.


In general, when you look at a car from the outside, it seems small, but inside it is big enough. I'm not talking about its pleasant suspension. In fact, it is tough, but when driving through small potholes, for example, you hardly feel them. The pendant rather charmed than disappointed.

In winter, we ride, as you know, extreme. When the road resembles a deep snow porridge, my Peugeot goes straight and clear. The heating is excellent. The cabin is warm, comfortable, the glass quickly warms up. But, probably, it is already time that nevertheless upset.

It is very inconvenient to park “forward with your nose”: a large overhang and a low bumper, and we have high curbs. The lower bumper trim comes off, and you have to stay away from the curb. It’s inconvenient that the hood is not visible, but this is the case with many modern cars. You need to get used to it. And the rear view is no better. The rear struts are wide, so when you back into the garage, you have to adjust.

Most of all, the reverse movement disappointed. The reverse gear does not start immediately, but with a rebase - it is not always possible to start backing up. You have to turn it on again and again until you start moving from the second or third attempt. In general, the box itself is very good, all gears, with the exception of the rear, are engaged perfectly.

The car is a bit noisy compared to, say, my friend’s Toyota. Noise sun visors in the upper position. He began to put them away from the ceiling - it's over. And in general, there are a lot of such small noises that are not very annoying, but also not very pleasant.

Still need to name the noise of the rear doors. At the station, something is being laid, they are oiled - the defect is removable. In general, the service station is well aware of model defects. The cost of maintenance at "Peugeot": up to 30 thousand km - 100 euros, then 200. I think this is a reasonable and understandable price. Do not compare with the stations of some other companies.

A few words about the recent recall of the 307th model due to a power steering malfunction. Involuntarily you have respect for a company that cares about its customers and reports such things. Now I have a question: which car will be next? Alas, not the Peugeot 307. I have a lot of trips out of town, especially in winter, when patency plays a big role. I want to take the Hyundai Tussan. I choose a car mainly for publications "Behind the wheel." In addition, a pretty good price. And today I was driving and thinking: why am I changing the car - it is so good.

V. S. My first Peugeot car - and it was the 406th model - I bought in 2001, primarily for aesthetic reasons. I liked it externally: an impressive design, a green color that attracted me to the equipment. In addition, it was my first car with an “automatic” and a 2-liter engine. Then the 307th appeared. If she had an automatic gearbox, I stopped at her, but with this configuration she came out a year later. A year later, we still bought her wife, but I ride on it and I. Year-round. On the 406th I drove 32 thousand km, and on the 307th I drove almost 30 thousand in 3 years.


They bought the 307th again because they were very attracted to the design. Unusual, harmonious, elegant car - it is clear that they "painted" it with the soul. Satisfied with a 1.6 engine, climate control, "automatic". When buying a car, we chose a salon where they offered a discount.

From the very beginning, I liked the car in almost everything. Very comfortable fit. In the 307th you sit down as in a minivan. The threshold is a little high, but you quickly get used to it - you can’t touch it with your foot. A very comfortable steering wheel, good visibility, but there could have been a larger rear-view mirror (by the way, “Driving” also wrote about this).

I think that the 307th has perfect brakes for the city car, ABS, especially in winter, works exactly at the moment when it is really needed, and you feel this moment. In the 406th, when you press the brake pedal, the car slows down, but here it stops. Box-"machine" is beyond praise. Here, unlike the 406th, gear shifting is not even felt. And no thought. I do not use Tiptronic - there is no need.

Love the climate control. I have it on the 406th and here. When I travel in winter, then on the “older” - 23-25 ​​° C, and on the “younger” - 20 °, but for some reason you feel more comfortable. They explained to me that the 307th has more interior temperature control points. In the 406th I ride four winters and my legs are cold, everything is warmly fed to my face. I could not overcome it. The air flows are distributed so that if you close all the deflectors, the windows begin to sweat. In the 307th climate control is more perfect. Very convenient controls - understandable.

What didn’t you like right away? The gas tank flap does not close - you are always afraid that someone will not break it off. I'm not even talking about bullies. In winter, when refueling at a gas station, this is very possible.

I bought a car in the Aves cabin with a good complete set - there weren’t just alloy wheels. Here they pay attention to customers. Then the car was 16 800 dollars. In another salon, it would have cost $ 1, 000 more. Then, with the transition to the euro, it generally went up in price.

Two words about the powertrain. It is quite enough for the urban cycle, but when you leave the city, with the air conditioner running, there are almost not enough dynamics (though you can feel it on the two-liter 406th as well).

Internal noise does not interfere. Here, of course, the designers did not work on the noise of the closing door, as, say, on the Honda (I read about it somewhere). I feel: something rattles, but there are no other noises.

The sound signal worked poorly. They said that this is the "disease" of the model. Annoyed by the trim of the front seats at the rear. They are equipped with airbags. Rear passengers at the exit, and sometimes while driving, rest in the front seat, and this is fraught … The design of the upholstery is such that when the pillow is triggered, it breaks - its lining is attached to disposable plastic fasteners and, when the rear passengers are inaccurate, can be unfastened. It has to be changed. This has happened to me twice. Once bought for 6000 rubles. for each, in another - changed under warranty. Now, when I drive the rear passengers, I feel uncomfortable. You will not tell everyone - behave quietly in the back seat. It’s convenient to park, it’s better than in the 406th, but I’ll definitely put on parking sensors on my next car.

Good engine. It does not eat oil, unlike the 406th. Over 10, 000 km on the dashboard, the oil level indicator shows the same 6 cubes. In the 406th during this time one "goes out".

What else does not suit you? Refueling the tank with washer fluid. A very uncomfortable cover, you can’t close it - it is unstable, hangs. To cope, you must have the knack. On cars of a later release, the filler neck sticks out. Probably, there were many complaints - corrected. But I have to suffer: you put a plastic bag on your hand and support the neck to close the lid. Winter is especially uncomfortable.

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