The beginning of the update was laid by the Cordiant Standart RG1 model of dimension 175 / 70R13, which is already being launched by the Yaroslavl Tire Plant. These tires will primarily go to the VAZ conveyor for the primary configuration of the Lad and Kalin parts. According to the tire manufacturer, during the acceptance tests of VAZ, their products as a whole turned out to be equivalent to the Conti-EcoContact EP, and even outperformed the German tires in some exercises.

A little later, the production of Cordiant Polar winter tires will begin, and from next year they will go Cordiant Comfort, Cordiant Sport W1, Cordiant Snow Master and 4x4 All Terrain, 4x4 ATI models designed for all-wheel drive. Dimensions from 13 to 15 inches. Matador Omskshina JV, a joint venture of the holding company and the Slovak company Matador, with equal shares, will also produce tires under the Cor-diant trademark.

Cordiant Standart RG1 (according to the old classification I-710) is a summer tubeless tire, created taking into account the positive experience and achievements of YaShZ. The high-speed index is “N” (up to 210 km / h).

The central part of the tread with asymmetric blocks provides good braking properties, especially on wet roads, and directional stability at high speeds. Large shoulder blocks - reliable grip under lateral loads, and the asymmetric shape of the checkers - low noise at high speeds. Three deep longitudinal grooves and slots in the shoulder area resist aquaplaning, quickly removing water from the contact patch.

The optimized composition of the mixture is aimed at low rolling resistance and increased wear resistance. The main advantages of the new product are its light weight, improved handling and directional stability, low rolling resistance and a good service life. Estimated price 830 - 850 rubles.