In such weather, the main thing in the car is air conditioning! However, looking at the Tuscan roads - narrow serpentines with ups and downs, with many turns (often closed, tricky), "wound up": there is where to feel the car …



I will look at the appearance later, when shooting. Moreover, there are few changes in general. Hurry up to the cool car. Good!


Salon updated noticeably. Upholstery looks more solid, more expensive. Metal inserts on the panel and instrument edging also benefited the interior. In general, in my opinion, it is uncomfortable in a very expensive car. Say, if buttons and levers with obscure symbols are too much, if the algorithm for controlling “music” or navigation is unnecessarily complicated. "Mazda" immediately located itself in clear controls, a comfortable seat, a complete set "in moderation". There is everything you need: a receiver with a CD player, an air conditioner that can easily cope with the hot outdoor air. Well, the lack of a keyless start engine and seats with memory for a hatchback with a 1.8 liter engine is quite logical.

The characteristics of this engine were tweaked, making the “shelf” of torque even. Like all other Mazda-6 engines, the 1.8-liter meets Euro IV standards.


On the go, the car is exactly the way you imagine it. It pulls evenly, although a little thoughtfully - nature friendliness is not given for free. The motor does not give out any sports pickups, but it is lucky reliably and confidently, without forcing it to shift gears too often. For a quiet movement, even on a serpentine with sharp turns, a fourth or third is enough. Only a very hot driver will poke the second. Does it make sense to turn the engine to 5000?

To match the impression of the engine and other sensations. The noise with which the designers of the company, agreeing with the criticism, fought especially persistently, is now low. Suspension with modified silent blocks, shock absorbers and springs is moderately soft, comfortable. The car does not annoy the “pounding” on the numerous and diverse irregularities of the provincial Italian tracks. Bored? Not at all!

That's why it is a mountain road to try a car in the corners. Moreover, the brakes understand me perfectly. But, going into a turn, I will try to stay in my lane. Oncoming, though infrequently, come across, but after all it is Italians - drivers, as a rule, are hot. Anyway - not at a rally.

Well, Mazda, can you handle it? Quite! Of course, not without the participation of the stabilization system, which intervenes in the process, however, it is very delicate. By the way, for cars sold in Russia, DSC is now standard.


In general, the 1.8-liter “six” does not annoy slow-moving, does not interfere with impatient Italians and even allows you to overtake “dozed off” on not very long lines. However, one cannot do without the second gear and the “gas to the floor” exercise here. And all this pleasure over 150 mountain kilometers resulted in some 8.3 liters per hundred. Thumbs up!


Alas, you can’t try more than two cars in one part day. Therefore, I choose a car with a 2-liter engine (it was changed most noticeably, adding 6 hp and also slightly adjusting the torque characteristic) and a new six-speed manual gearbox. All this is in the red station wagon. Even good, because part of the second test site will pass along the so-called Aurelian road. The direction of the modern highway was given by the builders of Ancient Rome, paving the way from the capital of the empire to Marseille. So, this route will be considered tourist. Sorry, I have a station wagon with minimal load. This, by the way, is very noticeable: an empty car with a suspension designed for a solid load is noticeably tougher than a hatchback, and noisier. The luggage rack reminds of itself behind, and the wheels, getting on irregularities, transmit information about them to a large echoing salon.

The two-liter engine, of course, is more powerful than the 1.8-liter. But in order to playfully join the stream on the highway, it is necessary to mobilize almost all of its capabilities. Consider, however, that in Italy, as a rule, they exceed the permissible speed not by 10, as in most European countries, but by all 30 km / h. And almost like ours, they often warn oncoming people about the “police suffering” lying on the sidelines, that is, the road.

Phew! Infused! And it seems he didn’t bother anyone. Now, the sixth gear comes in handy. Confident, powerful traction - from about 90 km / h, and at 120 the tachometer needle - at around 3000. It is a very economical mode for this speed.

A branch of the Aurelius road led to the narrow streets of Pisa. Here is the parking lot where the Mazda will have to leave. I really do not want to get out of the cool cabin into the hot Tuscan air. But parting is sad for another reason. In less than a day, I felt moderately dynamic, economical, comfortable, but well-managed “six” - his own.


Image Image

Has the Mazda 6 risen in price? Yes, but the original Base package (recommended price is $ 23, 400) now includes a stabilization system (DSC), traction control (TCS), as well as “Break Essist” (EVA). Here is a radio with CD, however, instead of air conditioning - air conditioning. For an automatic transmission (with a 1.8 engine - only a mechanical one), a keyless entry device, memory seats, a rain sensor and other bells and whistles will have to be paid extra.

Diesel "sixes", whose share in world sales is about 50%, in Russia so far will not be. The question, representatives of Mazda foggy report, is being resolved.

But soon there will be a “Mazda 6 MPS” with all-wheel drive and a 260-horsepower engine - if you want, the answer is “Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. This transmission will also be endowed with a station wagon with an increased active clearance of 2.3 mm Activematic: it will also be sold in Russia. Two modifications will get here, it seems, in time for the winter - a great time for testing all-wheel drive cars. I wonder if the characters will come together with them as easily as with the updated Mazda-6?