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I'll start to prove it. Regarding street fighters, “best” means: the most reckless and the most balanced, no matter how contradictory these definitions sound in the neighborhood. Reckless - by nature, balanced - by the compatibility of technical advantages. The creators of its competitors in the sales market - Aprilia Tuono, Triumph Speed ​​Triple, Ducati Monster S4R and Benelli TnT can only dream of such technoharmony. And personally, I have all the previously expressed (including me) enthusiasm for the above models now somehow blew.

I can’t forgive myself that a year earlier at the Intermot international exhibition in Munich I so easily passed this red one, I was sure that KTM was not a priori able to build a decent asphalt motorcycle from the first call: the “first pancake” rule does not imply exceptions. Damn it, how wrong I was …