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We Are Standing

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And one of us was presented with the most ordinary scooter, but not for children - the wheels are quite large. And another has long been waiting in the wings a completely new motor for a motorbike. But what if you connect them? When they saw that something was turning out, they acquired another motor and another scooter - and began to build two devices.

"Deshka" is an ideal engine for such home-made products: it is light and quite reliable, and in stores there are an abundance of spare parts … Nothing has changed in the motors, only the windows in the cylinders have been slightly aligned. To clean the air adapted filters for the crankcase ventilation system (these are used when tuning cars). They are made according to the same principles and the same materials as the low-resistance filters that are now popular. In the seat they came one to one. The “breathing” of the motors became easy, and the scooters drove off for real. But not at once. At first, the motor with which they started the experiment generally “refused” to go - the faucet was partially blocked by dirt. When cleaned, the scooter began to develop not 40 km / h, as with a regular one, but 45.

While groping for the optimal adjustment of the ignition timing, the motors wedged endlessly from overheating. Exposed 3.7 mm to TDC. By the way, with cooling at the "cheap" and not everything is all right, and then the driver’s legs close the cylinder from the flow of oncoming air. In the heat, you have to either roll up your pants to your knees, or even ride in shorts - then, even at maximum load, the engine cools well.

Established silencers could not be obtained. It’s for the better: experience from distant childhood suggested that they “strangle” the motor. Instead, they installed aerosol bottles from "Dichlorvos", inserted improvised "flutes" inside - they turned out to be real direct-flow silencers. Exhaust pipes - made of “stainless” corrugated hose (it is used for wiring). This material is good because it is easy to bend, and it is always on sale in the construction markets.

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