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On The Brink Of A Reasonable

Video: On The Brink Of A Reasonable
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On The Brink Of A Reasonable
On The Brink Of A Reasonable

A good example is the latest BMW M5. This masterpiece of technical thought has a five-liter V10 engine, an eleven-program robotic manual gearbox, and in addition - an excellent set of electronic and mechanical devices to facilitate the work of the driver. The engine achieves incredible performance - 507 hp. - 107 "horses" more than the previous model. The predecessor was equipped with an eight-cylinder engine and had a “sport” button, which made it possible to sharply aggravate the reaction of the gas pedal, as well as to increase the steering sensitivity and suspension stiffness. The new model also has a similar button, but the inscription on it says: "power". It is she who allows the motor to develop the claimed 507 hp. In normal mode, the computer limits the maximum power to 400 forces.

Of course, the M5 is stuffed with electronics, including the latest innovation in the field of active security systems - dynamic stabilization control (DSC) with the "M Speaker" mode. At the racetrack in high-speed mode, you can block the DSC. However, it is unreasonable to turn it off on the road, since the car accelerates so quickly and powerfully that it easily picks up 160 km / h in short straight sections. In the same areas, another high-speed car is unlikely to accelerate to 120 km / h. This speed requires special driving experience and accuracy. Like other BMWs, the speed of the new M5 is limited to 250. Otherwise, the maximum speed would reach 330 km / h, which is already too much.

At the same time, German automakers seem to intend to abandon the voluntary agreement to limit the speed of 250 km / h. I note that the Porsche never adhered to the "convention", as well as the "Bentley", which now has German owners. Most recently, I was driving along an empty autobahn and suddenly discovered how easy my Continental Flying Spur, a four-door car weighing 2.5 tons, was flying at 275 km / h. At this speed, everything happens at lightning speed. But even more frightening is the fact that the Bentley enters this high-speed line almost imperceptibly.

Machine manufacturers are concerned about the measure of responsibility that they will have to bear if their customer crashes at superhigh speeds. It is no accident that some navigation systems are already equipped with protection, which Americans call the “legal screen”; it requires the driver to confirm that the operation of the system will not be a distraction for him while driving. And now it’s only a matter of time before you have to sign the waiver of your rights before risking entering the zone of maximum power of the car.

The Bugatti-Veyron 16.4 is considered the fastest car in the world, and it is also equipped with a maximum speed key. In 2001, Ferdinand Piech, as the head of the Volkswagen group, solemnly declared that the car would have a 1001 hp engine. and will be able to develop 400 km / h.

For designers, this statement was a real headache and one of the reasons that the release of Veyron was delayed for two years. In fact, it turned out that in order to achieve the notorious 400 km / h from an eight-liter 16-cylinder engine, more than 1001 forces will be required, and most importantly, the enormous speed under certain conditions causes serious problems in terms of stability and, therefore, car safety.

In the end, it was decided to optimize aerodynamics for a speed of 370 km / h. But for such speeds, the car should be prepared. To do this, stop and turn the special key on the dashboard. Then the car will “fall” to the ground, the rear wing will take an almost horizontal position and the flaps of the front wheel arches will extend to reduce air resistance. However, as soon as the driver touches the brake pedal, the configuration of the machine returns to normal. To reach super-speed, you need to stop and turn over the corresponding key again.

Bugatti manufacturers do not discourage super-rich customers from trying to try it at home, but nevertheless expect that those who are going to use the Veyron to the maximum will do this during special sessions at the Volkswagen training ground.

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