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"Golden Autumn


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"Golden Autumn
"Golden Autumn

Under such conditions, it is understandable not to increase prices. But none of our car plants went to reduce them either (the discounts that many dealers of AvtoVAZ, GAZ and IzhAvto offered in the spring were their own initiative).

Retail prices nevertheless grew slightly, but this growth did not even keep up with inflation. So, on average, for Lada cars they rose by 2.4% in the first six months, and mostly in January (by 1.6%). And then - all spring, until June, dealers, if they did not do this on their own initiative, did not have to rewrite price tags.

But this was the case "on average"; the cost of some models kept growing. For example, the average price of VAZ 2107 in the first half of the year rose by 5.4%. This was due to the fact that increased production of "sevens" with an injection engine. Apparently, the “five”, which is also being transferred to Euro II standards, also expects about the same.


Since July, everything has returned to normal - a steady increase in retail prices for Lada cars, and especially the Samara family, has begun. Quite quickly, this “infection” spread to the entire AvtoVAZ lineup. In July, the average retail price for Samara increased by 9 thousand rubles - from 188 to 197 thousand rubles! During this time, the “classic” went up by 6 thousand to 134 thousand rubles, and the “Niva” VAZ 2121 4 began to cost 5.4 thousand more. Now you can buy a regular one on average for 210 thousand, and an extended VAZ 2131 - 30 thousand more.

Slowly, the “tenth” family is still getting more expensive - only 0.3% per month (less than 1 thousand rubles). The average price of the top ten in August, depending on the model, configuration and region, was 236 thousand rubles. with a range of offers from 215 to 265 thousand rubles. It is not difficult to explain the phenomenon of such “stability” - the average price of “ten” (8.2 thousand dollars) has already overcome the psychological threshold of 8 thousand dollars for domestic cars. It is dangerous to grow the price further - there is already “the territory of cheap foreign cars”. By the way, that’s how much (8.2 thousand dollars) the basic “Daewoo Nexia” costs …

This summer, unexpectedly, even for VAZ owners themselves, demand for the Lada-2115 and, as a result, prices for this model rose. In just one month, "tag" in the standard set went up by 4-6 thousand rubles, and today it is impossible to find anything cheaper than 200 thousand in retail. Why is there so much interest? The car "Lada-2115" is considered by many as an alternative to the "top ten", but with a difference in price of almost 40 thousand rubles. many prefer Samara-2. True, if the price increase for this model will go at such a pace, by the beginning of autumn, the expediency of buying it will disappear. Nevertheless, at comparable prices, the “ten” with a 1.6 liter engine is much more perfect and promising “tag” with a 1.5 liter engine. Do not forget about the variety of modifications and complete sets of the "tenth" family. Samara-2 has a much more modest choice …

By the way, experts have already noticed that the buyers of Lada again, as in previous years, reached for cars in Tolyatti. But if earlier guests from neighboring Tatarstan were the most active (up to 25%), recently buyers from Moscow, Krasnodar, Rostov, Saratov, Nizhny Novgorod, Kostroma, Voronezh, and even from the Komi Republic have sharply “got excited”! The reason for this influx of customers is clear: this summer, cars in Togliatti again became cheaper than in many regions. Depending on the distance from the banks of the Volga, the prices for “frets” may differ by 15–25 thousand rubles, not to mention the fact that outside the motor city the choice of colors and trim levels is much more modest.



Analysts believe that retail car prices cannot lag behind inflation for a long time. For half a year, despite all the fluctuations, the frets went up by 2.4%, and inflation was already 7.8%. So those who, out of habit, kept their savings in the “capsule” in anticipation of a price drop, lost a great deal. Given this (as well as a number of other factors), experts predict a further rise in prices for Lada cars for three whole months ahead, until the end of autumn. During this time, average market prices for VAZ cars can grow by another 3-5%, and for some of the most popular models, perhaps even more - by 6-8%.

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