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Video: Wait for an Answer (Remastered 2017) 2023, January
Waiting For An Answer
Waiting For An Answer

In this year’s number 7, “Driving,” the editor-in-chief of the magazine, Peter Menshikh, addressed the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Rashid Nurgaliev: “The traffic police needs a radical reform!” And in a separate letter set out his vision of the much-needed reforms in the traffic police. Together with Peter Menshikh, the letter was signed by well-known public figure, president of the Academy of Russian Television, host of the Vremya program on Channel I, Vladimir Pozner. (The contents of the letter can be found on our website

An appeal about the need for reform in the traffic police appeared right now not by chance. The magazine “Behind the Wheel” is one of the most informed publications related to road safety, the editorial staff is in constant contact with representatives of this department, and most importantly, the editorial team has a multimillion army of motoring readers, which allows you to constantly feel the pulse of traffic in the country, the mood of its participants, claims to the traffic police. With all this in mind, we came to a firm conviction: today, with all the desire to reform the traffic police from within, it is impossible - government intervention is required, most likely at the highest, presidential level, since this is a large power structure covering the whole country.

The traffic police system was formed dozens of years ago in completely different socio-economic conditions for the development of society and has not changed since then, despite the fact that dramatic changes have taken place in the life of the country.

With our proposals, we turned to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation as a member of the government, to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the administration of the President of Russia in the hope that we will be heard.

PS According to our information, work is underway in the minister’s office - they are preparing an answer to our letter, but by the time the issue was signed, we had not received it yet. Well - we are waiting for an answer …


1. Create a unified computer network with data for all drivers, for all cars, for all committed offenses and accidents. To do this, unite the corresponding networks of the Federal Customs Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Automobile Inspectorate, registration departments, etc.

2. Transfer the functions of registering vehicles and passing inspection to independent structures (public or private) under state control.

3. In the event of minor accidents, allow the participants and insurers themselves to draw up documents without involving the traffic police.

4. To return the State traffic inspectorate control over the execution of sentences, obliging the bodies executing the punishment to notify the traffic police about the results.

5. Solve the personnel problem - raise salaries and sharply reduce the traffic police. Only officers should serve here.


It seems to me that many drivers are ready to comply with everything, even the crazy requirements of the traffic police (for example, the sign "40", put in the winter and then forgotten until the summer). But let ALL comply with these rules. President, Governor, Mayor, Head of the STSI, etc.

Traffic cops must ensure that everyone respects the rules. To do this, you do not need pot-bellied road mannequins waving with chopsticks, but you need automatic recording equipment, the desire and courage to stop, for example, a local oligarch or governor.


In my opinion, the GAI does not organize traffic at all and in this form does not bring any benefit to the country. One “joy”: a large group of healthy, strong and (excuse me) inactive, incapable of other useful work people attached to the place where you can feed …

ANDREW, Novorossiysk

I increasingly like the orange color … No matter what they say about Yushchenko’s populism, this morning he warmly remembered him when he saw two ambushes of our traffic cops with radars in the bushes on the side of a free dry Yaroslavl highway. Nearby were several traffic jams - and not a single inspector. And this is how revolutionary situations arise …


The Ukrainian president has committed the ACT !!! There is nothing to reform that which does not exist. They do not want to regulate the movement, and they do not know how. The accident report will not really be compiled (there are so many publications in the journal!). How many unnecessary signs on the road? They cannot even stop the driver for checking, as their instructions require … But ambition - a different sergeant is more important than the army general … "disperse", work out new legislation (the 21st century in the yard!) And create a new organization, as in civilized countries.


We do not need their reform, they need it. But, I’m afraid, they will again come up with a mutant with some kind of brutal name, and nothing else will change (or it will get worse). In general, I am absolutely sure that this service was created only for the withdrawal of banknotes from us.


Let's look at things realistically. The traffic police degenerated into a well-organized, widely echeloned organization of ransomware criminals, for whom the traffic police, by and large, to a light bulb. This structure does not need reform, but disbandment. Even a hard dispersal of this organization would be a lesser evil compared to its existence.


I am a trucker and always try to drive by the rules. But after all, these bastards take money from us only for the fact that we are going - and that’s it! If you do not give at the post "for travel" - they will drive to the parking lot under any pretext. Say, it seemed that something was wrong in some document and a check was needed …


I served as an electronics engineer in the Office of the GAI of the Stavropol Territory with the rank of police captain. Five years ago, we created the program “Traffic Violator”, which was installed on computers in each territorial branch of the traffic police. It was updated weekly. Imagine what a help this is for “operas” and “trackers”! But the most interesting thing is that the management needed all this for show, but in reality all the indicators were simply adjusted to the APPG (the same period last year). Nobody needs real work, they need a “distance” from each crew, inspector, KPMa, REO, instrumental technical inspection station. Alas, as in any business, money comes first, but second and third too. Computerization is a good and necessary thing when smart people use it, and here you need to "chop cabbage" …


I worked in the Moscow traffic police for 6 years. I’m familiar with the service from the inside. Much depends on people: the traffic police, like the police as a whole, are part of the people. Someone is cultured and polite, someone is rude, and someone is a thief. But reform is necessary! The current inspector must earn money for himself and his family (a police officer with 10 years of experience receives 6, 000-7, 000 rubles), while our "stick" system presses him (they allegedly canceled it in words, but in fact try not to fulfill the plan for compiled protocols!). The control apparatus swells and swells - the head sits on the head … So the people then complain about the nit-picking of the traffic police.


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