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Do You Respect Me?


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Do You Respect Me?
Do You Respect Me?

And one of the readers was deeply offended by the recent “Let us discuss this” radio program, in which Peter Menshikh and Vladimir Pozner discussed the problems of the Russian automotive industry. Say, you betrayed our auto industry there - I don’t respect you anymore, I don’t buy you, I don’t read “and in general”!

What happened? The transcript of the transfer has long been on the “Zarulevsky” site - everyone can see it. In our opinion, there is nothing anti-patriotic there - but suddenly we really stopped hearing each other? Well, let’s listen to the “Zarulevites” themselves - let everyone express what they think about this. And at the same time they will answer specific questions - they were also on our site for several months.

We remind you these questions - they were quite direct. Does the magazine ZR support the domestic auto industry or not? Is duty-free import of parts good or evil? Isn't it time for us to bring back the Iron Curtain? And finally - do you respect the Russian auto industry?

By the time this article was prepared, about 30 thousand people had read the material on the site. The voices of those of them who later voted were distributed according to the figure. Now let’s evaluate who respects whom and where the “traitors of the Motherland” are hiding.

So, 68% of the survey participants believe that ZR does not bury, but supports our auto industry. Already 74% of “Zarulevtsi” voted for duty-free import of auto components - while only 14% of respondents positively reacted to the introduction of the “Iron Curtain”. As for the typically Russian “Do you respect me?”, The current auto industry should not count on the reciprocity of compatriots - 77% (!) Firmly replied: no!

In our opinion, the figures are quite expected: the preponderance of the supporters of fundamental reforms is obvious. In the comments, opinions were divided even more sharply - it seems that the auto industry "got" even the most zealous of its adherents. Excerpts from the reading messages of both "camps" are given below - they are quite eloquent. Particularly “strong” expressions were subjected to easy editing. And let industry workers let them know what they think of those whose interests they are trying to hide behind, advocating for the need to continue to produce obsolete and technically advanced cars.


Why artificially support unsustainable and uncompetitive production? Society should support children, elderly people and people with disabilities - if a person is healthy and does not work (and what VAZ and GAZ do cannot be called work), then why will I feed him? Am I got nowhere else to put money? Buying basins, you feed the army of loafers. In addition, for your own money you ruin your health: sit uncomfortable, inhale the dirty air - and God forbid get into an accident!..


Really it’s not clear that the state is just making a fool of us, forcing us to ride “Made in the USSR”! Since then, our auto industry has not produced anything radically new. Reseeding to a normal foreign car, you will never want to climb back into either a VAZ or a GAZ - IL or UAZ do not count at all. But real patriotism is to establish the production of normal cars. Even those small batches of foreign cars screwed up at car assembly plants inside the country suffer from defects precisely because of our assembly. I speak not unfounded, but because there was experience in operating such a "designer."


The auto industry must be raised with the help of new technologies that we have in the military industry !!!


The Russian auto industry in its current form will go into oblivion, as the domestic electronic industry once left. I think that it’s not worth crying about this. Where are our TVs, tape recorders and computers now breaking without end? Now we are buying NOT OUR radio electronics and often do not know that it is made in Russia. LG, Samsung, Akai and others created production at US. Did it make you worse? We haven’t been going to workshops for years - I don’t even know if they are in my area. But I know about a dozen car services, where they repair the products of OUR car industry in a sweat. So let us teach, if we have forgotten how.


On the example of Japan, one can clearly see how "pernicious" the purchase of technology "over the hill" has become for its economy! Until now, the "poor" cannot in any way disentangle their consequences.


I would have dispersed all the loafers working there at VAZ-GAZ, recruited youngsters from schools, assigned mentors to them from Germany, Japan, and Korea (it would be cheaper than ruining such an amount of raw materials in auto trash) and began to form a production culture. In the meantime, at dokhlik plants (“auto giants”) they cherish the dynasties of scammers, there will be nothing good.


“Do you respect” the Russian auto industry?”And for what? For military equipment - okay, but for civilian … PAZ is a truck for transporting passengers, UAZ is a legend of the last century and the sadness of the modern world. “Niva” was good 30 years ago, but since then there have been practically no changes. And the quality of parts and assembly, when at the dealers, when selling mechanics, they “pull out” all the screw connections in the new machine before giving it to the owner … What can be proud of?


Why should I respect someone who does not respect me? If they, from the very last “hard worker” of the automobile industry and ending with the automobile “generals”, drive “get along” with words and deeds, then they will not wait for another from us. The phrase: “What do you want for that kind of money?” Is a spit in the face of the people of Russia. I would like to see the face of a German who would be offered to buy an Opel Astra at the price of a BMW seven. It is ridiculous to listen to AvtoVAZ executives when they complain about a difficult life, continuing to release FIATs. If the machine, which has a much larger range of components and is much less technologically advanced, costs two times less to assemble front-wheel drive during assembly, then the classic was right about what capital can do with 300% profit.


Not so long ago, in a car magazine, a news page caught my eye. One of them reads approximately as follows: Mercedes has updated the entire range of its S-class. Investments in production amounted to $ 5 million. " And next - a note of the following content: “AvtoVAZ made changes to the“10th”model, which was called 2110M. The changes affected the front bumper. Investments in production amounted to 10 million dollars. " This page contains the whole answer.


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