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How are the models different? BM Mint (and Kaliningrad manufacturers do not hide this) is a copy of the "Yamaha" bestseller of past years, only slightly "turned" for the boys. Smile is equipped with a luggage basket and the suspension is more youthful - a “telescope” instead of a lever fork. Such cars are extremely popular among Japanese housewives: they don't give a damn about the ascetic appearance and the weak engine, but give ease of use and a "thimble" gas mileage.

Before starting up, some oil was splashed into gasoline - running in all the same (only after 800 km can you trust the lubrication of the pump). It is indecent that a small fuel consumption gives the volume of the gas tank - a little more than three liters. That's great: one key to all the locks - ignition, saddle and front glove compartment.

The boys, spoiled by the full automation of the “real” scooters, could press the electric starter button until the finger turns blue - and to no avail. And all you need to do is turn the enrichment lever, hidden under the closing of the left handlebar handle. Turned - the motor came to life. He worked at idle so quietly that he was not heard in the city noise. I got caught out of habit: I thought that it had died out. I press an electric starter - and in response the rattle of a ratchet mechanism.

Just do not forget to remove the lever after warming up, otherwise the engine will suck out gasoline - you will not have time to blink an eye.

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