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Choose A Car With A Diesel Engine. The Rumbling Is Light


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Choose A Car With A Diesel Engine. The Rumbling Is Light
Choose A Car With A Diesel Engine. The Rumbling Is Light

When they analyze why certain companies do not supply diesel engines to Russia, they often see the reason as the quality of Russian fuel. However, it happens that from the same concern, the X brand is supplied with diesels, while the Y-brand is not. Although the range of motors is something common! So the point is not only in fuel, but also in marketing.



France holds one of the first places in the share of diesel cars in the park. Alas, the Russian representatives of the PSA concern are in no hurry to bring such models here. An exception is made only for brothers on the platform: Peugeot Partner and Citroen Berlingo. The first is even offered with two engines: 1.9 and 2.0 liters (see ZR, 2005, No. 8).

Diesel "Partner" offer … only freight! With a loading capacity of 600 kg, with a diesel engine of 1.9 l - from $ 14, 100, 2, 0 l - from $ 14, 580. If you need to carry 200 kg more, the price is respectively $ 15, 400 and $ 15, 870. The car has a lifting back door and a central lock.

A similar - skeptical - attitude to engines with self-ignition from compression is shown by the partners of Ford: Mazda, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar. The Japanese brand can only boast a diesel engine on a V-2500 pickup truck; they do not sell diesel engines in Sweden at all in Russia. The British are doing a little better. Only two of the four Land Rover models are offered with diesel engines - Discovery and Defender. A more prestigious Range Rover may appear in a couple of years, when they will develop a diesel engine with sufficient power for the Russians (the “weak” will not work for us); "Freelander" here is only gasoline. Finally, the first diesel “Jaguar” Russian dealers will begin to sell before the end of the year - it will be “X-Type” (price is still unknown).


And what about Ford itself? Do not look for the younger models “Fusion” and “Fiesta” with a rumbling high-torque engine, “Focus” should go on sale by the release of this number (so far only in the “Comfort” configuration, but always with ABS). We managed to establish ourselves in the Mondeo market (from $ 27, 550) and Focus C-max (from $ 22, 980). But at the same time, diesel engines do not appear in the four-wheel drive family ("Maverick", "Explorer", "Expedition").


Another “sweet couple” of the Russian market - Hyundai and KIA do not have a single diesel position. If Hyundai prefers gasoline engines (except that the N1 minibus is “correct”), then under the brand name KIA with a diesel engine are sold “Carnival” of the Russian assembly (from $ 23, 050), “Sorento” (from $ 34, 950), and from September - the new “Sporting”(from $ 29, 300 in a very rich configuration) and, as promised, “Cerato”(price has not yet been determined).

The largest of them and at the same time the most affordable seven-seater “KIA Carnival” (ZR, 2005, No. 7) is equipped with both a mechanical gearbox and an “automatic machine”. True, cars are mainly sold to order; not every motor show will see them live.

Daimler-Chrysler Concern offers diesel engines, but not for all models. This is completely excusable, especially since the Americans are even further away from these engines than we are. The Chrysler engines are gasoline engines, but for us Europeans, there are Cherokee and Grand Cherokee diesel engines. As for the Mercedes - please. Three engines are offered in the C-class (C200 CDI, C220 CDI and C270 CDI), one more motor in the E-class (320 CDI is added). Even in the S-class there was a place for a diesel engine (there are only 320 CDI and 430 CDI). Price - from 32, 900 euros to … However, in relation to the "Mercedes" indicate the upper bar is somehow awkward.


If you establish a prize for the best satisfaction of the diesel needs of Russians, the chances of the Volkswagen group will be higher than others. Under each of the three brands represented by us, you can choose a suitable diesel engine. The prestigious Audi already in the back of the A3 offers 1.9 and 2.0 liter engines, and the next A4 model has three: 2.0; 2.5; 3.0 liters The last option with all-wheel drive accelerates to hundreds in 7.2 seconds - a soul machine, even though it costs $ 60 thousand.

Want a cheaper one? Perhaps Volkswagen will do. Say, “Golf 1.9 TDI” for $ 24, 300 or “Turan” with the same powertrain for $ 28, 500. And if you want more, take the Passat 2.0 TDI for $ 30, 650 or the Tuareg R5 TDi for $ 51, 400 Probably, many people would like to adjust these amounts to a smaller side. Then it is worth slightly changing the appearance of the cars and the logo.

Here, for example, is the offer of Skoda. A modest assortment of fresh models successfully complements the Octavia of the previous generation. A hatchback with a 1.9-liter engine costs from $ 20, 600, a station wagon (according to the proprietary terminology “Combi”) will cost a thousand more. By the way, there is a “Fabia” with a 1.4 TDI diesel engine. However, against the background of the just-named old Octavia, you cannot call it cheap - from $ 17 thousand.


For the sake of all-wheel drive technology, many manufacturers make an exception: they say, in fact, we do not carry diesels, but if the SUV …

A sparse list of small and relatively inexpensive cars of this class opens the Sporting mentioned above ($ 29, 300). The company will make him "Nissan - X-Trail" (from $ 35, 000). However, if you focus not on size but on price, you can add to the named ones “Mitsubishi Pajero Sport” ($ 31, 500).


The next price level is almost ten thousand higher. Wealthy outdoor enthusiasts are trying to attract Toyota Land Cruiser 100 (from $ 40, 900 in the STD package), Mitsubishi Pajero (from $ 43, 000), Nissan Passfinder (from $ 44, 800) and Nissan Patrol GR (from $ 50, 900). However, if you want a large diesel car for reasonable money, there are also options - among pickups: Ford Ranger ($ 23, 100), Mazda-V2500 ($ 21, 650), Mitsubishi L200 ($ 21, 990).


Russian manufacturers do not indulge in diversity: the Volga with the Steyr and the UAZ with Andoria. But this is bad luck - at the time of preparation of the material, the “Volga” we were interested in “… temporarily stopped going on sale …” One UAZ remained (about $ 9000, ЗР, 2005, No. 5). Is it any wonder that diesel engines are reluctantly brought to us - we don’t do ours!

Peugeot partner

Basic equipment: Power Steering, driver airbag, antenna, central locking, immobilizer, full-size spare wheel, rear wiper.

Ford focus

Basic equipment *: air conditioning, power steering, ABS, driver’s airbag, driver’s seat height adjustment, steering wheel height and tilt adjustment, power windows on the front doors, central locking, immobilizer, full-size spare wheel.

* For a car with a diesel engine.

Mitsubishi L200

Basic equipment: Power Steering, steering wheel adjustment in height, central locking, immobilizer, full-size spare wheel.

Skoda octavia

Basic equipment: power steering, ABS, airbag for driver and passenger, driver's seat height adjustment, steering wheel height and tilt adjustment, fog lights, power mirrors, heated mirrors, central locking, immobilizer, full-size reserve.

Kia sportage

Basic equipment: climate control, leather interior, power steering, ABS, stabilization system, 2 airbags, alloy wheels, driver's seat height adjustment, steering wheel height adjustment, fog lights, MP3 radio, power windows for all doors, power mirrors, heated front seats, heated mirrors, central locking, immobilizer, tailgate, full-size spare wheel.

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