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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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To The Ram
To The Ram

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What, two-wheeled friends, got out on a picnic? And ahead of the swamp, and the forest - not to get to the coveted clearing? Someone and retreat - rest on the sidelines in the forest. But what about those who are used to moving wherever they want - also to pretend that everything is fine?

Not at all - change weapons! At present, combat - to transfer to a powerful 4-wheel ramming type equipment. But just tell her the direction - she’ll crawl everywhere, climb, swim. Whoever has ever experienced such a machine in a real "battle" will not trade for another. However, our brother, no matter what he drives, in a year or two he will demand: give more power, increase speed, and to carry more!


Please, gentlemen, the Canadian BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) has put out a killer gun - the new Outlander 800 HO EFI ATV. This is not even a gun - a howitzer. 800 “cubes” of a Rotax two-cylinder 4-stroke engine shoot as much as 62 horsepower with a torque of more than 7 kg per meter! Who else can boast such a charge?

But the highlight of the new engine is not even the second cylinder (it’s a simple matter to add another boiler: there is always more space on the quadric than on two wheels), but the fact is that it is now injection: the carburetors were replaced by nozzles. In other words, the engine is now controlled not by a rider - he just opens the throttle, but an electronic system, a computer with a real processor. It determines how much coal to put in the furnace. The algorithm of work (for designers this is called calibration) is the source of pride for the creators of the Outlander 800. Thanks to the distributed injection, the scorers managed to defeat not two, but five birds with one stone. And on the spot.

Firstly, the system can easily prepare any fuel charge: economical, powerful, stoichiometric. And therefore, to comply with any requirements for emissions toxicity. It’s not even an hour - soon the quadrics and bikes will be handed over the catalyst (talk about this has long been underway). Without injection, it will not work properly. Secondly, in the mountains, where routes often run, the quadric will not suffer from shortness of breath due to a lack of fuel at the inlet. The injection engine will pull confidently on any vertex. Thirdly, in the cold, the engine will start from half a kick, like all injection cars. Fourth, the reliability of the power system has increased. Fifthly - which is especially important for the quad - it was possible to significantly reduce fuel consumption: almost one and a half times in comparison with the same carburetor option. Which is where how important: the tank is at least large - 20 liters, but they are not building gas stations on animal tracks.

Gun gun

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