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Dealer Services. Applicable?

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Dealer Services. Applicable?
Dealer Services. Applicable?

After all, only then can we evaluate how the engine of the new car starts, how it starts, accelerates, slows down, how much gas it “eats” in real city life … However, today every average motorist who decides, say, to change an old car, can feel like a tester to a new one - of a different model.

Evaluation characteristics - a purely personal thing. For professionals, the operation of the N car’s gearbox may seem fuzzy, but for me it’s just right. And if this is the first car in my life with a “machine gun”?

Most people choose a car for more than one day, so it is so important not to make a mistake in choosing … Those who sell cars also understand this. A few years ago, a service came to us from abroad and … took root. It is called a test drive. Now it is offered by all serious dealer centers in large cities of Russia. There is no need to translate what this phrase means. I’ll tell you better how I “tried on myself” a new car.


Test drives of domestic cars are still rare. The exception, perhaps, is the new Kalina, which all AVTOVAZ dealers offer to try. I tried to take another Russian model for a test drive. Alas, I did not find understanding at Moscow dealers. To my request by phone to get the Volga to the “pokatushki”, an employee of the “counter” of one of the car dealership wisely answered: “Why try - fat is like fat!” And that’s right …

As it turned out, the conditions for test trips (test drive) are not spelled out either in the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, or in other documents. This is a kind of voluntary step of the seller towards the potential buyer. In this case, of course, he risks his property and, of course, tries to minimize this risk. Each develops its own test drive rules. But there is something in common.

Typically, the manufacturer (or national distributor) obliges its authorized dealers to have test drives in the fleet, and even indicates which ones. In most cases, these are new models in the most popular versions. If the client wants to drive a car that has been sold for more than one year, everything will depend on whether he manages to negotiate with the managers.

It is possible that a potential buyer will be allowed to ride on the territory adjacent to the car dealership in a passenger seat (this is the maximum). In an exceptional case, the prospective owner will still be allowed to drive, but it is still impossible to drive into the interior courtyard … Reinsurance by the dealer is understandable - he risks a “freight” car, not a test one!

By the way, if you decide to go for a test drive, keep in mind: they are greeted by clothes! The so-called dress code is carried out in all car dealerships, and it is foolish to expect that a person in a crumpled old suit and a pioneer panama hat will be allowed to participate in a test drive of an expensive car. Before the trip, you should call the car dealership, arrange with the manager a test drive on the chosen model, discuss the time for the “pokatushek” … Otherwise, the necessary car may not be there at all, or instead of the coveted station wagon, you will be offered only a “charged” sedan.

Of course, you must have a passport and a driver’s license with you. Only after following all the formalities (usually the client is required to apply for a test drive, copies are made of his documents) can you drive the selected car. But do not expect that you will immediately "rush" on it, wherever your eyes look! As a rule, the route of such "pokatushek" runs through the script worked out by the car dealership. To keep the emotions of the client, a sales manager will go with him in the car. In some cases, a guard. Usually a study tour is limited to 20-30 minutes. It is believed that this is enough to understand whether a particular car is suitable for you or not. In the end, you can always agree with the salon for a second "drive". If you look decent and the print of the mind is on your face, then why not? Maybe you and your wife want to ride, especially since her father gives money to buy.

Rejoice if you get to any promotion; such from time to time carry out large dealerships. It is possible the car will be issued for a day or more; True, you will have to leave your present as a deposit. It should be no older than three years and not domestic production. No car? There is no daily test drive.

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