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My pulse was beating almost at the frequency of fuel flashes in the cylinders of the renewed “Siberia” - this is the strongest impression that bit into my brain after I pierced the main “straight” of the Estotil track. Under the blinking of a yellow blinker light (the tachometer needle reached the red zone) I hid behind a small fairing from the water dust rising above the wet track and tried to bring the pulse back to normal: the braking zone began. It didn’t work: again, a turn, the beginning of a new circle - and again the pulse “started up“…

On the previous lap, something happened that made the soul heel, and the goosebumps didn’t go home for a long time. After the “straight” on braking before the same turn, the front wheel blocked. But I was not ready for “combat” inhibition: I sat, it seemed, evenly, before throwing three gears “down”, I pressed the lever gently, carefully placing the subject in the right turn. I "caught" the motorcycle, but I realized that communication "on you" with him did not work right away. Maybe, of course, the rain made some adjustments to the race, but nonetheless …

Rain in general is the enemy of any grip. But it allows, at a minimum, to understand the advantages of apparatus controllability, accurate dosage of power transmitted to the rear wheel, and, finally, low weight - the “six hundred” attribute. It was the reduction in weight that made the CBR even more maneuverable and faster. It’s me who has cut through this Portuguese track - the very one that has gained a well-founded reputation of terribly slippery.

And then - the feeling of “deja vu”. Two years ago, on the same track in the same dampness, I experienced the first version of the CBR600RR. Innovations, in comparison with that car, are aimed at making the er-erku accentuated more sharp and racing in comparison with the plush brother CBR600F. Expectations came true: eminent racers Karl Maggeridge, champion in the Supersport class in 2004, and Chris Vermülen began to win new and new titles, and, on the other hand, motorcycle sales increased significantly.


It has changed even more than it seems at first glance. The sharp edges of the claddings still resemble the RC211V granpriya form, the engine (in-line “four” of the classical scheme) inherited most of the features of the power unit of last year's model. But here is a significant change: the intake ducts in the cylinder head are straightened - this improved the filling of the cylinders and increased the torque at medium revs. Let me draw your attention to: the maximum value of the moment is the same - 66 N.m at 11, 000 rpm. The power peak is (on paper) 117 “fillies” at 13, 000 rpm, which is not so bad, but only until you remember that the new “six” from Kawasaki produces 128 “parrots”. ("Parrots" is the amount of horsepower delivered by the engine to the crankshaft. It is almost impossible to measure them. This is the power on the rear wheel of a real motorcycle, measured on a dynamometer, minus mechanical losses. And they are not so small: usually the transmission "eats up" 10-15% of horses.)

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