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At The Latitudes Of St. Petersburg


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At The Latitudes Of St. Petersburg
At The Latitudes Of St. Petersburg



As of January 1, 2005, 969, 395 passenger cars were registered in a city with a population of over 4.6 million people, which, incidentally, was 37, 213 more than a year ago (932, 182). The increase of 4%, generally speaking, is not bad at all by European standards, but on the scale of Russia, where the growth over the past year was 7.1%, this is not impressive. In the "first capital" - Moscow, recall, the growth was 18%! So, from the point of view of automotive statistics, talk about the "growing political and economic role of St. Petersburg" has not yet been very confirmed. Rather, one can probably say that those who are able to earn money still choose Moscow. And yet…

Despite the fact that formally the fleet grew by only 37 thousand cars, in St. Petersburg there were already 68.6 thousand new cars produced in 2004! At the same time, during the year many “old men” were deregistered. For example, the number of different “Cossacks” for the year decreased from 44.9 thousand to 36 thousand. Let's not forget that a lot of relatively “fresh” used cars were added (there’s a separate conversation about them), and it turns out that in the end the St. Petersburg somewhat younger! Though a little, but the process, as they say, has started!

The city on the Neva has its own specifics - it is a port and is located on the border, so a lot of used and very used foreign cars were brought here in due time. Is it any wonder that the fleet of older foreign-made cars in the percentage ratio is much more "age" here than domestic ones. For example, the share of cars over seven years old among foreign cars is 74.6%, and among domestic cars - 66.8%. But the number of new (up to three years) “foreign women” is already 13% against 11.1% of Russian cars. Analyzing the statistics, you come to the conclusion that the Park of North Palmyra, due to the mighty “stuffing” of used foreign cars (the 90s), was very old, at the beginning of the century reoriented to domestic ones, but now it makes a choice in favor of new foreign cars.

So far, among the “new arrivals” of 2004, the number of “strangers” and “friends” is approximately the same - 50 to 50; we will not talk about monetary and quality terms.

If we keep in mind the special predilections of the residents of St. Petersburg, then so far they are on the side of the Volga Automobile Plant and several German companies. Volkswagen almost caught up with the Gorky Automobile Plant in the overall standings, but there is nothing to say about Moskvich and IzhAvto! They are long outsiders …


Not surprisingly, there are two models among the leading foreign cars - from Wolfsburg: the Passat and the Golf. True, it’s better to keep silent about their age - over the year the number of all “zero” Volkswagen cars in St. Petersburg increased by only 849 units. “Germans”, although they still hold leading positions in the rating of St. Petersburg foreign cars, are slightly inferior to “Japanese” and “Koreans,” even in traditional luxury segments. During the year, residents of the northern capital bought 611 new BMWs, 505 Mercedes, 382 Lexus, 322 Audi … This, we assume, is almost ordinary from the number of purchases. But there is an addition in the fleet of luxury cars: plus 43 Porsche cars, 9 Bentley, 3 Maseratti, 2 Lamborghini, one at a time - Maybach, Aston Martin and Ferrari, and even one Rolls-Royce (despite the fact that there were already six of them in the city) … In general, Peter can be proud not only of his rich automobile past, but no less rich present.


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