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Free Kick
Free Kick

Here, for example, how it used to be good: the citizen violated the rules - the inspector wrote him a fine right away, and in order to pay for it precisely and on time, the rights will remain in the department. And after all they paid as cute! Collectability (this is not an abuse of the Russian language, but such a special term) was almost 100%! And now this important indicator is “below the plinth”. Rights can not be detained, so the citizens are unbelted! True, in many regions, in order to pay a penny, you had to run around pretty much in search of bank details, but is this really the concern of the police ?!

In this almost hopeless situation, many bosses could only demand from the striped wand: return us the right to withdraw the driver’s license before paying fines, otherwise there will be no order! We were almost ready to agree with their point of view until we found out that it turns out that there is a region in the country where fines for traffic violations are collected by almost 100%, as before! And not in Moscow, known for its wonderful initiatives, and not in politically literate St. Petersburg. It turns out that ahead of us is far from the centers of Novosibirsk. They believe that to comply with the laws … you just have to read them to the end. Or at least want to do it.

… Stationary post "Yeltsovka" at the exit of Novosibirsk. The short but hot Siberian summer is in full swing, and it is already felt after 15 minutes. It’s good for the inspector - he has a cap, I don’t! From a fairly dense traffic stream, the traffic police from time to time “pull out” cars. It seemed that approximately every tenth car. The first step, of course, is the verification of documents, then the driver is invited to the post where the data is "hammered" into the computer. And there is not only an orientation on the cars that are in theft, but also information on their owners - for non-payment of fines (if any).

This program was developed by employees of the Novosibirsk traffic police; all 28 stationary posts of the regional traffic police are brought into a single network. If the driver is listed in the list of debtors, the system will sound and color signals. Here the data of the young man, the driver of the VAZ 2105, is entered into the computer. “Pee-pee!..” - the electronics disgustingly buzzes. It turns out that Mikhail N., a resident of the Pervomaisky district of Novosibirsk, was fined three times within several months (in all cases - he violated the speed limit; in a hurry, apparently …). Two times - in the regional center, and one - in the Baraba district. But it’s clearly not in a hurry to pay!

“Yes, I … this,” says Mikhail, “simply forgot, but right now I’ll go and pay!”

“Right now we will go to the justice of the peace,” the lieutenant on duty answers calmly, “you will tell him everything …”

The guy stares incredulously at my camera, and he buzzes that he is in a hurry for work, that he will never violate it again, and whether it is impossible to "for the last time" forgive him, because … But the lieutenant is implacable: we draw up the documents - and to the justice of the peace.

Of course, our people know firsthand about the work of the traffic police, because every sixth Russian has a driver’s license. Quite often, the media report that somewhere in the city of N. they caught a bribe inspector, or even found a whole gang of hijackers in police uniforms (we even found a term for them - “werewolves in uniform”). But what about the good hero of our childhood - Uncle Styopa? Honestly, I myself will not mention something about the "good" traffic police officer.

So, if we return to the problem of collecting fines (pah, what a nasty word!) In the Novosibirsk region, we involuntarily ask ourselves: what’s the reason for the simple traffic cops working on the ground? Why should they be happy for fulfilling the financial plan? They have a different task - they wrote out a fine and forgot to think! It turns out that there is still interest - now the funds from the paid (!) Fines are sent to the local budget. Only for some reason, in most regions they don’t think about it and prefer to beg for money.

The new head of the traffic police in the Novosibirsk region, Colonel Yuri Zvyagintsev decided that his staff would no longer write out “pieces of paper”. The heads of the department, together with the justices of the peace, carefully studied article 20.25 of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation (as amended by the Federal Law of 08.12.2003 N 161-ФЗ). And it clearly states that “failure to pay an administrative fine within the time period provided for by this Code shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of two times the amount of the unpaid administrative fine or administrative arrest for up to fifteen days.” Especially for this case, we developed a computer program that “remembers” everyone who does not like to pay fines - both residents of the city and the region, and those who transit through its territory. And if such a malicious violator comes across at one of the traffic police posts - he will be inevitable punishment. Naturally, sending a motorist for two weeks and one day to revenge the streets of Novosibirsk is not an end in itself, the main thing is to recall the inevitability of punishment (and this, as you know, is the best way to prevent violations in the future).

According to the practice already established in Novosibirsk, if during the inspection it turns out that the driver “forgot” to pay more than three fines, he is sent to the nearest police department, from there to the magistrate’s court, where the minister of Themis already decides to impose a double fine or send him to a temporary detention center (temporary detention center)) The last measure is waiting for particularly malicious violators. Among them, there are a variety of people - from a grandfather with three grandchildren to a thirty-year-old “temporarily unemployed” at the Toyota Harrier (this is a right-hand drive analogue of the Lexus-RX300). With a special feeling, the justice of the peace made a decision regarding a resident of the Ust-Tark district, who was somehow fined for speeding four times in one day! He did not pay fines, for which, after a month and a half, he went to the local temporary detention center for 10 days already! I must say that all the insulators in the region are now in good order: the cameras are repaired, once a day a low-calorie lunch for 30 rubles was put to all the inhabitants. Well, work in the fresh air.

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