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Honda Civic. Genetic Code


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Honda Civic. Genetic Code
Honda Civic. Genetic Code


Next to me on a stop line was a black executive sedan. The driver was clearly enraged by a completely ordinary-looking hatchback, which unexpectedly furnished him at the previous traffic light. Green! The first meters of the car go side by side. First gear - revolutions step over 5500, and suddenly the engine explodes like a powerful pickup, and the tachometer needle jumps to 8500 rpm in no time. The explosion is repeated in second gear, and now the opponent sparkles with frustration with headlights in the rear-view mirrors of the "Japanese", four times cheaper …

I will not forget these sensations, presented to me by the Honda Civic seven years ago, when the sixth generation of the model, led by the iconic VTI, was in service. Thus, the werewolf, combining a comfortable interior for everyday driving, comfortable suspension and a frenzied 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine with a capacity of 160 liters. with. Now they are asking for $ 15, 000 for good copies of the last years of release.

The modern alternative is the 200-horsepower three-door Type-R, but it is expensive and not too convenient for commuting. The massive "Civics" of the seventh generation are completely different: more spacious, quiet and … unremarkable. Goodbye Drive … Has Honda Rejected Sporting Ambition? According to scientists, genes are transmitted through a generation. Maybe the next Civic is the same case?



“The new Civic can be described in a few words as first-class, personal, sporty,” said chief engineer Shoji Akaogi at the presentation of the eighth generation of the car. Looking at the car sparkling with graphite sides, its creator wants to take a word. When the Honda showed a prototype in Geneva in the spring, few would have thought that the production model would be so close to the concept. “We wanted all the other cars to look old next to the Civic,” Mr. Akaugi smiles slyly.

The car really looks like an alien from the future: what is at least a transparent section between the headlights, behind which the chrome letter “H” and shiny decorative “fragments” are hidden. And the feed is extremely expressive: double glass a la Mercedes S-Class Sport Coupe or Mazda 3 23 / Mazda 323C, a horizontal strip of lights and triangular trunks of the exhaust system … spectacular!


In profile, the Civic resembles Alfa Romeo - primarily due to the doorknob hidden in the rear pillar and the high glazing line. The similarity is not accidental. As they told reporters, the Japanese chose Alfa Romeo 146 as the “emotional standard”, and Volkswagen Golf for comfort and driving quality! Unexpected revelation. It’s a pity, they didn’t let us try Civic on the go, promising to invite us for a test drive in the fall. At least you can look into the salon?


Yes, I have never seen this before! I recall the words of the designers: "The dashboard is divided into two separate zones." Indeed, right in front of my eyes in a familiar place is a visor, under which exactly in the middle is a huge "volumetric" tachometer. Its central part is given to the on-board computer display, flashing orange warning signs or blue - informational. Near the odometer, temperature gauge.

Almost at the glass itself, the panel bends into another visor: here is a large analog speedometer and an indicator of the optimal crankshaft speed, on the right is an econometric meter. According to engineers, with such an arrangement of the speedometer, the driver is much less distracted from the road, since it is easier to focus your eyes on it. Moreover, colleagues of very different height calmly sat behind the wheel so that they could see both instrument combinations.

As soon as I got the camera and aimed at the panel, a polite manager appeared nearby. Apologizing, he asked not to remove: “It is too early to judge the quality of the finish, this is a pre-production sample.” Could not be modest! The plastic parts fit perfectly, the doors seem to stick to the locks, smacking pleasantly in the opening. Of the parts familiar from other "Honda", perhaps, only a cigarette lighter yes lampshade interior lighting - no unification! In general, “Civic” looks more expensive than most classmates. I wonder if this will affect the price of the car? Marketers shrug: "We hope to announce the exact numbers at the Frankfurt Motor Show."


As you already understood, the first acquaintance with Civic turned out to be purely protocol. Conversations with engineers did not bring much clarity. Did Civic really regain the spirit of the car for the driver? A moot point. Take, for example, engines: there are three of them, and the base one - with a volume of 1.4 liters and a capacity of 83 liters. with., as on a city compact "Honda Jazz". I'm afraid this is not enough for a heavier Civic! And buying a stylish car with a dynamic appearance to move at the pace of a turtle … is somehow illogical.

On the other hand, the latest petrol 140-horsepower engine with a capacity of 1.8 liters promises to put many 2-liter competitors on the blades in terms of dynamics, and fuel consumption with it is not much more than that of a 1.4-liter counterpart! Probably, the “weak” version will not be sold in Russia. The unknown and the fate of the 2.2-liter diesel engine. This motor is installed on Accord, CR-V and FR-V, but official diesel dealers are not imported to Russia. At the same power as the 1.8-liter engine, the diesel engine develops twice as much torque. Only the traditional “Honda” resourceful character he does not have in sight.

Unusual picture and with gearboxes. On “Civic” they will put 6-speed mechanical transmissions, classic and automated. Subjectively, the moves of pure "mechanics", the lever of which was able to work, are too close. Not to be confused with active driving the third and fifth or fourth and sixth!

But the biggest surprise was the pendants. The fact that the front of the car is equipped with the McPherson accustomed to the previous generation did not surprise anyone. But, perhaps, nobody expected to find an elastic beam from behind. And although the journalists were assured that this simple design was made using high technology and works on the road no worse than the multi-link suspensions of the Civics 10 years ago, it was not so easy to take a word.

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