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Three Funny Hieroglyphs

Video: Three Funny Hieroglyphs
Video: Dr. Mark Van Stone - How Maya Hieroglyphs are written - Demonstration 2023, February
Three Funny Hieroglyphs
Three Funny Hieroglyphs

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Dokujya (here’s a funny word, especially if you don’t know that these three hieroglyphs read correctly as “dokuja” and mean only “snake venom” in Japanese) is not the first Lazareth motorcycle inspired by some sensational Japanese concept by bike. By the way, the first to actively exploit the term “inspired” in such a context were the small British manufacturers of replicas, who did not want to pay anyone for copying body shapes. For example, dozens of companies, besides the legal successor of Caterham, still stamp copies of the legendary Lotus Seven - and nothing! Seven-inspired car, shrug. Like, "the music inspired." But the language does not rise to call these devices of the Infirmary "ripped off." Try to make a real "legalized" bike out of the show-temptation, moreover, made at the highest engineering and technical level, and also with a humane (relatively) price tag.

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