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Picking A Crop
Picking A Crop


In the spring months, for example, almost all of the "tens" fell by $ 200, and in June prices slowly went up again. By early July, the weighted average cost of a car of the “tenth” family in Togliatti had risen to 235.5 thousand rubles (234 thousand in early June). According to dealers, the main "increase" was provided by the Lada-111 station wagons. Say, the VAZ 2111 4 model (with a 16-valve engine) for the month has risen in price by 3–3.5 thousand rubles, and with the 8-valve (VAZ 2111 2) by 1.5–2 thousand rubles. Hatchbacks and sedans, if they have grown in price, are completely imperceptible (by 0.3-0.5%). This is all in Togliatti. In Moscow and the regions, an increase in the cost of VAZ models has not yet been noted, but, as they say, this is only a matter of time. Until the “wave” comes from the banks of the Volga to the capital, a month or two will pass … The cost of cars of other families has not changed.

A special talk about Kalina. For rare yet production cars, sellers ask what is called, without hesitation. Dealer prices can hit - 240 thousand rubles, and only on order, with a prepayment. Colleagues from another automotive publication even managed to find Kalina in free sale for 305 thousand rubles. (this is 10, 700 dollars!). And you bought it! The excitement, as you know, is fleeting. Let’s see if the vazovtsy can continue to support the attention of consumers to their new product.

But the manufacturers of Oka are not doing very well. In June, social protection authorities suspended the placement of orders (they say temporarily), and SeAZ was forced to stop production (also temporarily).

In general, the average retail price of a Russian car in the first half of 2005 compared with the first half of 2004 increased by 11% to $ 6.4 thousand. These data were provided by Stanley Ruth, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers. At the same time, according to him, the average retail price of a new foreign car for the same period decreased by 3% and amounted to 25.3 thousand dollars. He is sure that Russian car factories are busy cutting costs, but not enough - that’s what prices are rising. According to his calculations, over the year the gap between the prices of Russian cars and foreign cars narrowed by as much as 7%!


The first generation “Ford Focus” still comes across for sale - so you can manage to get a copy with a good discount. But on the "second" you need to sign up and wait. Until January next year, according to many dealers, although the factory assures that, having increased production, they will reduce the waiting period to three to four months. That seems to be true. Last year, Mazda-3 customers also waited 10-12 months, now about three.

Not a very pleasant surprise was presented by some sellers of Korean cars. Kaliningrad Avtotor abandoned the practice of uniform retail prices, and dealers immediately crawled up prices for the most popular KIA Rio sedans and hatchbacks. So, the most fashionable version (manual gearbox, power steering, one airbag, air conditioning, power accessories) now costs an average of 12.2 thousand dollars (in spring they asked for 11.9 thousand). And the prices for the Korean Hyundai assembly are now denominated in euros, so when converted to the more familiar currency, it turns out that on average they grew by $ 300. For example, the basic five-door “Goetz” with a 1.3-liter engine now costs 8820 euros ($ 10, 800).

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