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Some Kind Of Nerdy

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Some Kind Of Nerdy
Some Kind Of Nerdy

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Take a look for yourself: the lens eyes of the headlights, a diagonal frame with a gas tank inside, impressive disc brakes on both wheels. Further - more: on a moped, a digital electronic speedometer (very similar to a bicycle computer), a rear brake light - on LEDs, reinforced brake hoses … Yeah, the Germans did not stint on technical delights. Design is a separate song. I, as a holder of high art education, will say this: something in it is brutally alien.

While the apparatus was pushing into the open space, the idea came that the manufacturer messed up something when he recorded the dry mass index in the technical characteristics: Sachs seemed at least 20 kilograms lighter. Or in the morning I ate a lot of porridge … “Damn it,” he cursed when he caught hold of the front turn signals at the extremities of the steering wheel. The fastenings cannot be called absurd otherwise: to break them off, you don’t even need to fall - just grab the wheel on the doorway or mirror near the car that is riding. Or catch your hand on someone who ate a lot of porridge in the morning.

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