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Girls In Skirts Are Canceled
Girls In Skirts Are Canceled

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Do not try to blurt out in public that you are going to buy "something in between …". Respect this device (and make it respect your words) - say this: “The RF900R is a balanced compromise between classic road bikes and sport bikes.” And add that not so long ago, in the second half of the 90s, right after the presentation of the model, the motorcycle was considered the most modern of the big pseudo-sports bikes for the whole three years. Conclude the story “in public” with a short list of technical features that will rightly raise interest in your upcoming purchase. Namely: the engine is liquid-cooled, the frame is diagonal. Plastic fairings are made in the style of Grand Prix, the engine is boosted to 135 liters. sec., maximum speed - 260 km / h. In other words, the RF900R is a high-tech multi-purpose motorcycle that still fully meets the spirit of the times, strict consumer claims, it is equally well suited for walking around the city, and outside it for “battles” with any of the competitors on wheels … Try not accept that I have prepared an excellent cheat sheet for you! And everything in it is true, because I traveled hundreds of kilometers on this Suza: I know what I'm writing.

I will not hide, looking "from the bell tower" of 2005, it looks elephant-like, although, I must make a reservation, its weight, dimensions and engine power should be considered the standard of "liters" of that time (I compare it with the Honda CBR1000F, Yamaha FZR1000 or Kawasaki GPZ900R of the end of 80- x). To me, not a giant, it seems a bit big. Although when he sat in the saddle and put his feet on the ground, his legs did not dangle. What is important for self-awareness and is consistent with the first rule of safe control: a standing motorcycle should be kept in balance without tilting it … The front fairing is large. It is comfortable to sit in the wide saddle. I add one to the other, in total it turns out comfortably.


I release the clutch, and a powerful engine smoothly moves the motorcycle from its place. I don’t know how temperamental his motor is, but the way he obeys at low speeds increases his authority in the eyes of a rider … To be honest, I did not expect it. More often it happens in a different way: a proportional engine is quite difficult to control on the “bottoms”, it doesn’t work out smoothly, and driving around the city turns into a test of filigree movements and endurance.

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