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Wings, Sleepers, Wheels


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Video: Wings, Sleepers, Wheels

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Rail Wheel interaction Part 6: Points & Crossing 2023, January
Wings, Sleepers, Wheels
Wings, Sleepers, Wheels

Exactly at nine, one got into the car, the other two went in opposite directions. My head also hid, never knowing what I was witnessing: after some time the whole trinity (the journalists at the wheel) was to meet at the Bronze Horseman, arriving at the founder of the northern capital by plane, train and car. The question is what exactly time will be required for each traveler, whose trip will be the most comfortable, who will spend the most money? Do you think you know the answers in advance? We thought so too … until we started off to the banks of the Neva.

9.00 Suppose, they are sent on an urgent business trip … There is no time for preparation, there are no time to deal with tickets, routes, and timetables: they got up and went! How?! One - Anatoly Fomin - decided to fly, the other - your humble servant - listen to the rattling of wheels, the third - Mikhail Gzovsky - got behind the wheel. Each was accompanied by a photographer. Ahead of about 700 km. Reade set Go!

April 9th. The swift aviator reached the Pushkinskaya. The photographer recorded the purchase of the card and … “Citizen, come along!” Why can’t you take pictures in the subway? Three minutes later, the author will be at the Okhotny Ryad station.

9.22. In the morning it is still fresh and clean, Moscow Square of three stations. We go into one of them, Leningradsky … wow! The nearest train for which you can buy tickets is at 20.30. In St. Petersburg we will only be in the morning. Are the competitions already lost? A car driven by a colleague of Gzovsky crossed the Moscow Ring Road seven minutes ago …

10.30. Ticket office - service center on Yaroslavsky - Transagency. We cut circles in the expectation that they will remove the reservation from the day trains … Alas, the places that appear magically leave before I get the money. Is it any wonder that a grandmother walks around the queues and mutters: “One and a half thousand to Peter, give the money back in the car.” The speculative price, as expected, is twice the official.

9.50. At the River Station, Anatoly got into a battered 30-ruble minibus and rushed towards the air gates of the capital. Now he is leaving Moscow, "passing for three."

10.17. We chose Sheremetyevo as the airport with the most flights to the northern capital. And at the Leningrad station, the follower of the railways is still cuckolding …

10.36. Tickets for the 118th flight, which leaves in … 39 minutes, have already been bought at the airport. Running for registration; sorry, late! To know that in the drive, and then in a stationary plane, it would take almost an hour and a half. Something there was faulty, and then it worked.

10.43. For a long time we did not remember the traveler driving. Now he is far ahead of everyone, near Torzhok: 200 km out of about 700 have been covered. The most productive start!

12.05. Three hours passed to no avail, we did not come one step closer to Peter. Okay, we buy Tver-St. Petersburg tickets for the same night train number 56 and for the train to Tver. We will be there in three hours - maybe, before the evening we will somehow leave for Petersburg, and if not, we will be there in the morning.

12.17. Tolya can celebrate victory: his plane is already in the air. After half an hour, he will be ahead of the autotourist. A modest lunch will brighten up time.

12.20. It’s time to feed the iron horse: the car receives a portion of fuel and goes on without hesitation.

12.35. "The electric train to Tver leaves from the eighth way." We pass under the Moscow Ring Road several hours later than our colleagues. Passengers drink beer enthusiastically: a trip conceived as a radio-shchevskoe, before our eyes, develops into erofeevskoe.

13.20. This is Pulkovo. If nothing extraordinary happens, Fomin will finish within an hour or two. True, he has yet to find a way to the Bronze Horseman …

13.20. Meanwhile, Michael went half the distance. Berezai: stop for a minute, do a couple of exercises, kneading stiff members, and again into the wagon.

13.37. No taxis, only public transport. The bus will take you to the city for a reasonable price. Then - the subway, a trip to the center.

14.40. You can no longer rush, but the winner shows a real finishing spurt. The last hundred meters from the Nevsky Prospekt metro to the Bronze Horseman …

14.45..and here she is, victory! Her sweet taste spoils a little the need to wait for rivals. In the meantime, we calculate: travel time 5 hours 45 minutes, average speed - 122 km / h, transportation costs - 2950 rubles. Wow, 4.21 rubles was worth every kilometer!

3 p.m. Motorists decided to eat. With food on the tracks for a long time there are no problems. Dine than God sent offer along the entire route.

15.20. Tver, we are approaching the station. What do we do first? That's right, and in the second - let's go to the ticket office for tickets. Maybe the passing team will pick us up?

17.43. Here it is, good luck! When the Aurora high-speed train departed from Moscow, it turned out that two places were empty in the NE. We buy them immediately, regardless of the biting price (well, I managed to return the old tickets). We will finish today!

17.55. One and a half hours from Moscow to Tver - the cruiser of the same name will envy such quickness. A minute per minute with a schedule, the train is sailing north.

05/18. The car is already in St. Petersburg. The driver advances towards the finish point by questioning.

18.20. The branded train service erased previous misadventures from memory. “Why a restaurant car,” the waiter weaving herself out of thin air, courtesy, “order, I'll bring it right this minute.” We did not dare to break the tradition of a lot and eat tasty on trains.

18.30 Colleagues Fomin and Gzovsky met in St. Petersburg, recording the defeat of the author. By car, the road took 9 hours 30 minutes, average speed - 74 km / h, costs - 1255 rubles, or 1.79 rubles / km.

21.45. And here we are from Aurora! I have already noted the speed and accuracy of our express. From the station we leave for the waiting Bronze Horseman, accidentally lost in the subway on the way, which took another 15 minutes. However, with such a backlog it is no longer important.

22.38 The capital, a monument to the founder, three in red: the finish, as it was planned, resembled the start. Greetings to you from Yuri Vladimirovich, Peter Alekseevich! On trains we drove this greetings 13 h 38 min. The average speed is 51 km / h, the cost of tickets is 2370 rubles, each kilometer cost 3.39 rubles.


1. The most unpleasant moment of travel?

2. The most pleasant moment of travel?

3. What took the most time?

Anatoly Fomin, air passenger:

1. The road to Sheremetyevo is a disgrace to the capital. You can’t get on the bus, minibuses rarely go. Bombers offer their services for 800 r. When, finally, will the train go to Sheremetyevo?

2. When the plane has already gained altitude and you understand that you will be the first.

3. Drive to the airport. It’s good that we went in the morning, but what if in the evening? An hour, two, more? And flying, by the way, is only an hour.

Anton Chuikin, a traveler by rail:

1. The biggest problem is the toilets. Even at metropolitan train stations, these institutions do not deserve the title more than a need, for nothing that they tear at them even for a pee of 10 rubles … And two and a half hours in an electric train? Ashamed in the vestibule, nowhere to go. And when you finally see the arrow “M” and “F” at the Tver station, you are overwhelmed with such joy that you understand that it is time to answer question No. 2 … If it weren’t for the inscription “the toilet is closed” in small print.

2. When, just an hour after departure from Tver, barely having time to dine, you find yourself in Biolog. Here it is, progress, especially noticeable against the background of the radio landscapes outside the window. Over which, incidentally, the Fandorin adventures flickered in the powder smoke of the Russian-Turkish war, revived in crystals of an ultramodern flat screen … Such antitheses are a real thrill for a traveler.

3. Unsuccessful running between ticket offices of the station, service center and agency.

Mikhail Gzovsky, a traveler driving:

1. The most trouble is … fools on the road. The middle part of the path is a three-row tract. Here you need to keep your eyes open: other drivers are going to a frontal attack. “Be careful!” - as if reminiscent of wreaths on roadside trees.

2. The independence that gives you only one mode of transport - a car. On the morning before leaving for Moscow, I gladly tapped along my favorite avenues. By the way, the drivers of St. Petersburg seemed much more friendly than the capital.

3. It is very difficult to keep pace sections of the route that pass through settlements. The abundance of traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and dogs walking along the roadsides is incompatible with the concept of “federal road”.


It would seem that exactly these definitions correspond to our modes of transport: airplane, train, car. These are their virtues. What about the flaws? In the same sequence: expensive; expensive again, troublesome and long; just a long time.

It would seem that the train lost? In our competitions - yes, but tickets are usually bought in advance and not necessarily in CB (we simply had no choice). There are still night trains …

A car is both a burden and a means of independence at the same time. And the most effective way to save money when traveling with two, three, four.

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