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fifth Column
fifth Column

Unlike the engine, the unit, which is insensitive to driver errors, the gearbox can be “finished off” by one or two. Exhibits like the fragments of the “Samara” box shown in the photo are commonplace today - all the more so since the quality of parts is worse from year to year. There were problems with the "classic" box. Once theorists scolded her for a lot of weight, but this did not bother the car owners - the assembly was very reliable. Then they added fifth gear to him … - there were problems. The fifth was the weakest, especially for Niva. Because of this, boxes are rarely nursed more than 50-60 thousand km. The accelerated destruction is also facilitated by the fact that when the oil level decreases, the fifth gear immediately begins to “starve”.

The result is quite a market: increased demand creates a monstrous price. So, for the synchronization clutch of the V transmission, you have to pay up to 1000 rubles, and for the block of gears of the V transmission and reverse gear - 2000 rubles. Imagine how much the repair of the gearbox can take into account the price of the remaining parts. Because of this, many, recalling the old "fields", consciously return to the four-speed box - and even with the present quality of parts, they get rid of problems for a long time. It’s not a sin to remind you that it’s time-consuming to remove and put the gearbox on the Niva, it’s not a “classic” for you.


But then a set of parts, shown in the photo, for repairing fifth gear and reverse gear appeared on sale. True, from the Chevy Niva. The seller assured that only details fit her. They are made very clean. And the fact that the module is smaller is not scary: if the kit is here, everything can “assemble” even after installation in the “classics”. It costs only about 1700 rubles! Well, how was it not to try? This option was offered to one client - it turned out fine. After this beginning, we collected five more similar nodes. None of the owners returned the complaint. Of course, the recommendation to monitor the oil level is not removed from the agenda - without a lubricant, no unit will last long.

And here is a problem that has not yet been resolved. It's about the breakdown of the bolt of the gear block of the fifth gear and reverse to the intermediate shaft. The trouble is serious: the rest of the hardened bolt “just like that” cannot be drilled. It is necessary to change the intermediate shaft and other affected parts - for example, the already mentioned gear block and fork.

The selection of parts for repair is not an easy task. Although not everything is in the store, some things can still be checked. For example, the greater the play of the fork in the groove of the coupling, the faster both parts wear out. Usually I go to the store, armed with an old axle fork. I put the new plug on the axis next to the old one - so that when viewed from the end, the contours of the forks are combined. This is far from always obtained from the first run. I reject the worthless. But that is not all. Now I check whether the holes for the mounting bolt correspond to each other. Do not be surprised: often out of a dozen details, one is suitable.


With bearings, the picture is no better: marriage is a common thing. Sorting, you need to drop those who have a big backlash, or, conversely, the balls “bite” during rotation: it means either the balls are not quite round or the raceways are uneven. That is why I prefer foreign products. The main thing is not to make a mistake.

More than once it happened to remove the box due to the specific noise of the exhaust bearing that had ended - but it turned out that it was perfectly operational, but the front bearing of the drive shaft in the flywheel had jammed for a long time. The noise is the same!

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