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Examination Of Octane Boosters And Octane Correctors. Octane Illusions

Video: Examination Of Octane Boosters And Octane Correctors. Octane Illusions
Video: Тест Octane booster Motul, Hi-gear, liqui moly, Lavr, Bardahl и другие. Часть 2 2023, February
Examination Of Octane Boosters And Octane Correctors. Octane Illusions
Examination Of Octane Boosters And Octane Correctors. Octane Illusions

Of course, we can say that the octane-booster, octane-corrector, or octane-plus - as you please - a thing very useful and sometimes even irreplaceable!

For example, you had the chance to leave by car somewhere far away from the city, and suddenly the gas runs out … You need to refuel, but your spoiled car eats exclusively “tasty” high-octane gas, and you rarely see such luxury at provincial gas stations. And here our hero “illusionist octane-booster” comes “onto the stage”. Acting strictly according to the instructions on the jar, pour a certain amount of this liquid into the gas tank, and the octane number rises for fuel, as if by magic; Great - you can go further! But this is ideal, and how it really is, we decided to check.

In large Moscow stores bought octane boosters - those that are found most often - as many as 12 items. They transferred them to VNIINP for examination. The composition of the drug and its effectiveness were investigated. Additives were tested in control fuel with an octane rating of 93.6 according to the research method. The maximum concentrations of octane boosters recommended by the manufacturer were added to the fuel (as it is written on the package), and then the increase in the octane number was determined thanks to the components that make up them. These can be additives based on: N-monomethylaniline, lead, iron, manganese, volume fraction of MTBE, alcohols and ethers.

Note that some additives contain not only additives that increase the octane number, but also others: cleaning, lubricating and others. But we were only interested in the octane gain.

The result of our examination is sad: six names of additives from the whole list (photos 1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11) can only be called fit with an interference - the “champion” in this group increased the octane number by only seven tenths of a unit, which, for all desire will not be able to turn the 92nd gasoline into the 95th.

In the next group - two drugs (photo 3, 12) - we will call them “neutral”, because the octane number in their presence does not change in any way - the effect is zero! But this, it turns out, is not the worst! There is another “team” - the remaining four names (photos 2, 5, 8, 10), which generally showed a negative result! Thanks to them, the octane number not only did not increase, but, on the contrary, became lower. Frankly, this didn’t surprise us much - the magazine had already conducted a similar examination (ЗР, 1998, No. 6). The road test was not comforting (ZR, 2003, No. 11). It turns out, buying such an additive, you not only throw money away, but also harm your car.

But the story did not end there … At first, of course, there was an insult to the bourgeois who send us from abroad something, and they themselves only consider the money. Yes, they chuckle - they say that Russian Ivan will eat everything, and then he will say thanks again. But then it occurred to me: what if the "local" drugs really know how to increase the octane number? Something obscene is often brought to Russia - this is not a secret, but "they" will definitely not get such a number. So you need to check!

Just at that time, one of the colleagues was going on a business trip - he was puzzled by the acquisition of the notorious “abroad”. On the way back, he bought at the gas station somewhere between St. Petersburg and Prague, for freely convertible currency, two “non-sacred” jars of “Viagra” for the octane number - Sonax and Wynn's. In appearance, the foreign delegates were very reminiscent of their counterparts living in Russia - the same shapes and volumes. And even without knowing a single language from the Finno-Ugric group, it was easy to guess from the catchy announcements on the labels “OCTAN 10+” and “Octane Power” that roughly the same indicators were declared as ours. However, when a sticker was torn from one of the jars, others were exposed under it - with a Russian translation! However, this is no longer our business …

We looked, twisted and gave the jars to the same VNIINP laboratory. And for the most-unbelieving and corrosive readers were asked to conduct an unscheduled test using two methods - both research and motor. For completeness of the sensations, two drugs from the previous “Nashenskaya” batch were also tested using the motor method - there is an opinion that the result can change dramatically. Well, if people ask …


A couple of days to test, and the diagnosis is established - the same data, "only in profile." The difference is within the accuracy of the measurements: neither the test method nor the “citizenship” column were able to force the octane correctors to turn low-octane fuel into high-octane. The most capable was the newly acquired "Belgian" - one and a half units of growth. Recall that the best bought in Russia showed 0.7. But on the whole it’s clear that not only are we fooled - and the Europeans have got it.

But im something! After all, if gasoline is initially good, then even the worst additive from the tested ones will not spoil it very much … But in Europe the fuel is quite normal.

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